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Google Map

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Jonai Hotel


Karatsu Daimyokoji 3-13

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60 minutes by Nishikyushu Expressway from Fukuoka.It is 60 minutes from Taku IC on Nagasaki Expressway from Saga.After JR Karatsu Station and get off, Ni-no-mon and get off immediately in circulation bus.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Fukuoka
    Kyushu Expressway and Fukuoka IC Urban High Speed ​​· Jyurokucyou, Nishikyushu Expressway · Jyurokucyou IC.Nijo·Get off at the Hamatama IC.R Road 202, Karatsu Castle from the second left side of the signal (the Ni-no-mon).

    Access method 2: Saga
    Kyushu Expressway·Tosu IC - Nagasaki Expressway·Get off at Taku IC.Route 203, Karatsu Castle·West 150 m, Left side rotary corner(Satsuma moat)


    First come, first served basis.There is a limited number.
    Paid Times parking lot(24-hours, 300 yen).