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  • 【2 Meals Included·Course Ume】The most popular standard plan, sea food of Sea of ​​Japan Sea available

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     Standard Plan·Course Ume
    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━

    It is a standard plan with a popular dinner & breakfast at our hotel.
    Seafood in the Sea of ​​Japan featuring seafood,
    Such as an outdoor bath where majestic nature spreads before you,
    It Continue reading
  • 【2 Meals Included·Course Take】Cooking grade UP course, taste fresh seafood in the morning

    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
     Meal Upgrade·Course Take
    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━

    The grade of cooking is upgraded from the popular standard Ume Course★
    The fresh ingredients that fully contain the blessings of the Sea of Japan are excellent!
    I'd like to make a little eContinue reading
  • 【Half board/ Matsu Course】Make the food even more luxurious! I fully enjoy Niigata seafood

    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
    More grade UP · Matsu Course cooking
    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━

    If you want to taste it, you want to taste the best!
    It is a plan that you can enjoy cuisine offered by the hotel with confidence.
    We will deliver selected fresh ingredients in Continue reading
  • 【Limited to Weekdays】For business trips and business users, Evening & breakfast price with reasonable price

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      Weekday limited business
    ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
    Supporting business trips of businessmen and women!
    You can stay at a reasonable price that is easy on your wallet!

    Haired crab, book snow crab, Sadokaki etc. It was acquired in thContinue reading
  • About lift ticket (area ticket)

    The lift ticket sells various lift tickets of each ski resort at the front desk at the hotel cheaply, and there is a discount ticket for the guest.
    ·One-day ticket = two half-day tickets, so please choose who you would like. 
    (However, in the caContinue reading