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  • It is a 5-minute walk from "Asamushi-Onsen Station".
  • Introducing Aomori's souvenirs, regional cuisine and local culture.An equilateral triangular building with a height of 76 m is a landmark.
  • The largest Jomon village ruins in Japan.Many excavated items such as clay pottery buildings, clay figures and stoneware are on exhibition.
  • We exhibit works by plate painter Bochumi Shiko Munakata who is proud of the world in which Aomori got born (board drawings, Japanese paintings, oil paintings, books).
  • In addition to permanent exhibits introducing archeology / folk materials in Aomori Prefecture, history and nature, special exhibition / exhibition exhibition is held.
  • I am carrying out a memorial exhibition of "Hakkoda Maru" who was active as Seikan connecting line connecting Honshu and Hokkaido.
  • Showa era 57 years.It is Japan's largest Seido Zabutsuzo, boasting a height of 21 m.
  • Aomori Station before, markets and restaurants on the first floor, the ground nine-story underground, about 50 stores a variety of specialty shops.
  • Near the JR Aomori Station, a real market that many professional cooks from the city and out of the prefecture visit to find their ingredients.
  • Preservation of wooden fishing boats, Fishing gear, Fish law exhibition etc.
  • The whole Shimokita Peninsula in the northeastern part of the prefecture is a Quasi-National Park, and there are Oma Saki and Mt Osorezan.
  • Sanroku Station Footstation Sanroku Station, we are connecting 2,459 m from Mt Tamoyachidake Peak Mt Hakkoda an elevation of 1,324 m to the top of Mt Hakkoda Tamoe Mt Hakkoda in about 10 minutes.
  • Tourism apple garden at the Mt Hakkoda Sanroku of Mt Hakkoda Sanroku Aomori Prefecture.
  • Asamushi Onsen. Introduction of facilities such as observation baths, Asamushi tourist information.
  • Material Hall Death March of Hakkoda Mountains Incident.
  • I know whatever is scissors! We also sell scallop and scallops processed items, local agricultural products and so on.
  • 10-230 Higashi Tazawa, Hiranai Town, Higashi Tsugaru County, Aomori Prefecture
  • There are more than 3000 cactuses in the cactus greenhouse and 150 kinds of Western runs in the western run greenhouse.
  • A memorial facility that conveys the best skills and passion of the people who led to the big projects and the completion of large projects, the longest undersea tunnel in the world.
  • A facility with an exhibition room that introduces the history of Tsugaru shamisen, folk songs, and local performing arts, a multipurpose hall, and an outdoor stage.
  • Osamu Dazai Memorial Hall.Many fans are visiting as a sightseeing spot as a Ryokan Syayokan with a data center since Showa era.
  • Permanent exhibition of Goshogawara Tachi Nebuta.business information, Festival scenery etc.
  • Hirosaki Neputa, Tsugaru kite other exhibits, Craft craft production experience.
  • Cherry blossoms in Japan, autumn leaves of autumn, winter snow lanterns, etc. have various beauties every season.
  • Mt Osorezan to be counted as one of Japan's Three Holy Mountains in the Aomori Prefecture Shimokita Peninsula
  • Express Sightseeing Boat Sairaito Go departing from Sai Port.
  • Everything is good at Hachinohe's delicious! Hassyoku center.