Oyama has a morning that starts with you

【Official】Pension Alice's Hill

Welcome to Alice's hill

Endless sky and blue of the sea.It is the smallest 4-room Pension Japan, held in Oyama's nature.

I came from Takarazuka in search of important things lost in the city.
If directed attention to the gathering in Tokyo forward in the express sleeper, somersault in bed express train of the day.
In If Osaka car, coming back night out in the morning.If you try to stay overnight it will be stuffy.

From urban convenience, good mountain.Oyama's air and water are really tasty ...

Life's two travels like a bicycle in Oyama blooming through sunlight through the sun
They are the owner and couple who want to continue to bloom on their own in active life.Please do.

There is romance in the journey, there is life in the taste - journey of encounter is always fresh.

 Even though it was my first time, just now.

 Welcome back, cheers for good work

 - I Mare' want to be in Alice no Oka with such nostalgic warmth.


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Four Seasons's Poems at Mt Daisen, Pension Alice's Hill


88-25 Kobayashi, Hoki Town, Saihaku County

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About 5 minutes after Yonago Expressway Mizokuchi IC descending Route 45 and Route 52.
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One that I found

  • One that I found

    Promenade with Futaro

    One stone we found, bracken ...

    Leisurely relaxed, Do not Come to Alice no Oka
    The moment of peace of mind brings great happiness and we will rejoice.

    If you put yourself in the flow of Oyama's elegant time, a new romance will be born ...

    Time is now also in the sky color and the wind blowing.

     Twilight, wind table - Because it is everyday being chased by work, spirit is lost only by sleeping over the weekend.

    Wake up in an unfamiliar land, go on an unfamiliar land, the mind is refreshed wildly.

    There is a city, there is nature of Oyama, and Alice no Oka is at the two points of contact.

If you relax and get rid of the mental and physical tiredness, you are more than happy.

  • Thank you for seeing to the end.

    Thank you for seeing to the end.
    Alice no Oka is neither a photograph nor more than a photograph, as I got through the eyes.
    The stuff that I got to see as it is, but a surprising dream chasing person comes in.
    Alice no Oka is not a luxury hotel never in Disneyland.
    It is reasonable and simple.It is a private cottage intended for convenience.
    We pray for our hearts and hearts to reach our hearts.

    Everyone has fatigue and weight of life on their backs.
    Occasionally we are happy when we relax and get tired of mind and body on Alice no Oka.

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