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Life is a trip to remember my memories -

Unfortunately we do not transfer to the nearest station.

Oyama is inconvenient if there is no car because sights are not concentrated in one place.

In addition, there is no pick-up to the slope in winter, we will correspond for the night, but I will have a rest for February from the next day of X'mas.

★There is no supermarket near Pension Village.Please shop in the middle.

★For those who like hot springs - 18 minutes from Alice no Oka.A bathhouse·sauna."Yodoe Yume Onsen" with open-air bath is recommended.
Per minute 405 liters of rich Sengen of over flow of alkaline simple spring (transparent and colorless, tasteless and odorless).

Because we are not using disinfectants such as chlorine, people with senile people · weak skin · people with atopic dermatitis are safe.
Satoyama of "Ameno Manai" where the sound of the Gikon Gutthan Mill is echoed elegantly as it is chosen as a selected in the Top 100 Natural Springs.It is located at the foot of the largest Tottori mukibanda Yayoi Settlement Site Japan.

However, it is a prohibited thing at night.Even if there is a car navigation system, there is no mountain road with no house, so there is nothing to be a landmark, and if you get lost, you have to ask a raccoon or a fox and ask.

Please arrive at 4:30 pm.We will give you a map and discount ticket.
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Hotel Name

Four Seasons's Poems at Mt Daisen, Pension Alice's Hill


88-25 Kobayashi, Hoki Town, Saihaku County

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About 5 minutes after Yonago Expressway Mizokuchi IC descending Route 45 and Route 52.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Chugoku Expressway Yonago Expressway Mizoguchi IC Ochiai JC T ~ Yonago Expressway Mizoguchi IC ~ Prefectural Route 45 Yonago Expressway Mizoguchi IC Prefectural Route 45 left turn 2 km Prefectual Route 58 road Prefectual Route 58 intersection turn left turn 2.5 km Pension Village


    ★Yonago Expressway·Get off at the Mizokuchi IC.Turn left at the traffic light, head for Oyama and go up 1 kilometer.Turn left again at the 4th small street past the small Azumino Mountain Art Museum on the left.
     There is a sleeve signboard on the right of Daisen Pension Village 2 km straight ahead.3 kilometers and 7 minutes from the IC.