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Birds sing, people laugh - stomach becomes full, because it is happy

Morning, Happiness start mood & evening food beautiful

Eat meals in the main building.
The table greeting the customer whispers - If you want a drama, a side supporting role is indispensable.Choosing a plate is my job.Imagine choosing things that you imagine from the customer 's voice, etc. When it matches the customer' s feeling, that evening dinner is the best.Because conversation gets momentum and it gets excited.
  • "Twilight Dinner" on Alice no Oka

    * Dinner makes beautiful women *

    Fashionable Sheng put was, on top of the table.
    The feeling of opening of the trip and comfort.
    A space of a retro adult atmosphere invited by a combination of a high-wood ceiling and a black beam.
    The owner's playfulness is seen everywhere.
    Chic and attractive white wall dent is a splendid technique by craftsmen who finished with a spoon.
    The space between the tables is wide, so you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed mood.
    And desserts served after meals, the owner handmade Gateau Chocolat is popular.
    The flavor of chocolate moist and mouthfully spreading and the fragrance of rum wine are perfect for coffee.
    Please enjoy a delicious trip.

    * Dinner is from PM 6: 30.If your arrival is delayed, please be sure to contact us.
  • Awakening morning.100% hand-baked bread served with morning coffee

    Awakening morning.100% hand-baked bread served with morning coffee -
    As you know, it takes 2 hours to ferment yeast and finish it up.
    If there are many customers, it will be baked twice for 4 hours.
    Savory bread that is plump and soft and yet elastic like the cheek's cheek is rarely included in the mouth of the baked person himself.
    You have to bake it for two hours, just not enough.

    Remember the young days I went to date.Valuable time and a huge amount of expense to pass that passion? ! I will be happy if I am paid off.
    After all yeast, since for us reward delicious only multiplied pains ...

    Evening to announce the arrival of spring.I have to add Shizuzu broccoli to asparagus which awakens the season's glow ...A season that greets the rich summer season and the twilight of fall of autumn.
    And, Winter nights.It is Alice no Oka waiting for you to prepare the seasonal menu that will warm you from your stomach and heart.

    * Breakfast is from 8:00 AM.
  • In the atmosphere of early American tone

    The basics of meal is, of course, water.Rain and snow accumulated in the Beech forest of Oyama are sunk into the ground and accumulated in the ground, refined mildly over the years of 500 years, made with the delicious water of Oyama which blew out to the ground, western style It is home cooking.

    In a trip to the West Coast of the United States, arranging dishes that seemed "delicious!" "Nice directing ...!" In an Alice style.
    You can eat comfortably in the atmosphere of early American tone.
  • Cooking example