【Official】Chambre d'hote Arumu no Mori

Greeting from the owner chef

We are sending a sympathy from the heart of everyone who was affected by the earthquake that occurred on 14th and 15th April,I pray for the day as soon as possible to restore and live a safe life.
Arumu no Mori were also affected, but sales will resume from May 14 days since now has a prospect of recovery Thanks.Thank you very much for your time at the construction shop and equipment related company.Moreover, thank you from the heart of the SDF, electricity, water, police and other people concerned who were dispatched from the whole country for reconstruction immediately after the earthquake and worked day and night.As you probably know, there is only one road to Aso City now.Route 57 Kumamoto City Otsu Town - Milk Road - Turn right from Futanoe Pass to Aso Akamizu Route 57 course.As a drive course, it is a perfect course.If you have any questions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for seeing the website of Arumu no Mori.
Arumu no Mori is a small auberge of seven rooms in a family.
Although it is not a first class accommodation, we are keeping in mind that we can offer good items to our customers reasonably.
I would be pleased if you could experience the shape of cuisine, guest rooms, hot springs and pensions just over a little.

Owner, Tabori, Kazuhiro


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Hotel Name

Chambre d'hote Arumu no Mori


2083-115 Otohime, Aso City

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The car is approximately 50 minutes from Kumamoto IC to R57 towards Aso.
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About reservation

  • ■Reserve·Contact only phone, 0967-32-4500

    ■Regarding reservation, canceling fee may be applied for cancellation after the closing day is near.
    ■There are provisions that require confirmation when you make a reservation.Please read it carefully and thank you for your understanding.
    ■Check-in is possible from 3 PM.Dinner will be at 18:30.Please arrive by 18 o'clock.

What is Chambre d'hote?

  • ■Chambre d'hote

    "Chambre d'hote" "Chambre d'hote" A family-like accommodation located in the outskirts of France and in the region.A facility that accepts guests in a big house and homely hospitality."Arumu no Mori" also has a restaurant function, so we accept accommodation with only 1 night's breakfast and 1 night's breakfast.To make guests (guests staying) as comfortable as possible, we arrange the amenities such as washbasin, toilet, TV, fridge and towel in our guest room.(No pajamas) Not a hotel not a ryokan, and enjoy the "Chambre d'hote" life just beyond the frame of the pension a little.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About bath

    ●There is an inner bath and a hot spring (hot spring open-air bath style wind bath) in the bath.It is a natural hot spring of Kakunoyama-no-kane sinking.
    Although it will be all charter charter system, it is not in reservation system.
    Details on how to use will be explained at check-in.
    When fully occupied there are slightly crowded time zones, but I think that they can be used almost as requested by customers.

    ●All rooms (including guest rooms) will be non-smoking.Smoking is only in place.Please cooperate with customers of smokers.
  • About check-in

    ●Check-in is possible from 3 PM.Dinner will be at 18:30 so please arrive by 18 o'clock.Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact us if you can be late.Check-out time is at 10 am.
  • About room facilities

    ●The room is equipped with TV, fridge (empty) washbowl and toilet.There is a bath towel, towel, toothbrush, hand soap, hair dryer available on the washbasin.Please prepare pajamas for your holiday.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.