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Cooking introduction

  • Breakfast

    Salad plate for breakfast, seasonal fruit for fluffy scrambled eggs · Awakening soup with plenty of bacon and plenty of milk.
    And the masterpiece Madam's special handmade yoghurt, Aso no Megumi no Kogen Gyunu 100%.
    Please eat deliciously that does not taste.

    Morning handmade bread keeps constant taste since opening.
    The deciding factor is the plenty of love of luxury wheat and grand madame plenty of gluten from Canada.
  • Dinner

    The pleasure of traveling is the place where the dinner in the hotel is most concerned.
    Arumu no Mori of Arumu no Mori, taking the most care and spending time in daily work is still preparing meals and preparing meals.
    And 80% of the ingredients and 20% of the chef 's skill is the deciding factor of the meal The chefs of this prestigious restaurant are often talked about ...Please enjoy delicious foods any time without being astonished.

  • Good Review, Fish dishes(An example)

    It is surprisingly popular that cooking with fish.
    We will offer you next to an appetizer.Fishermen who I was afraid to bring seasonal fish from the market everyday are trading for 20 years.
    Please enjoy with bread.