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Things to do

  • Play with here

    • ■Kosugi Resort, Otohime Pension-mura

      There are golf course, tennis courts, futsal courts, horse riding clubs, horse riding clubs, charter private hot spring baths, and buffet restaurant in full-scale 18-hole golf course Otohime Pension-mura where Arumu no Mori is located.Arumu no Mori of Arumu no Mori, you can make a reservation agency for all facilities.(Except restaurants) Arumu no Mori users can use discounts so please use.
    • ■Kosugi Resort, Aso Highland Golf course

      Located at the foot of Aso Five Mountains Mt Kishima, one of Aso Five Mountains, the Aso Highland Golf course is a strategic 18-hole with skillful use of Aso's great location and natural landscape. Moderately undulating fairway and vent green will tell us the difficulty of making make-up scores and fun by creating complex undulations.
    • ■Tennis court

      Otohime Pension-mura tennis court is a real coat with sand covered with artificial turf.The reservation system is used.Since there are only 2 faces, we recommend that customers who wish to make an early reservation.

      tennis, 1 hour 1 court guest 1.300 yen(General 1.800 yen)Saturday holiday 500 yen up
    • ■El Patio Otome(horse riding)

      Also the equestrian club "El Patio Otome" located in Otohime Pension-mura opened in March 2011.It is Yuhime version of "El Patio Ranch" at Yamanami Highway.For the full reservation system, please reserve in Arumu no Mori of Arumu no Mori 3 days in advance.With instructor, business hours from 10:00 to 15:00, closed on Thursday

      Horseback(About 5 minutes)1.000 yen
      Colt course(About 20 minutes)3.000 yen
      Panoramic course(Approximately 40 minutes 5.000 yen)
    • ■Koyasu Kawahara Kannon

      Otohime Pension-mura Kannon of a park and a child gathering in the back left side.Origin was old about 1500 years ago, it was told that we prayed for the birth of Jingu Empress, and close to the Taisho Emperor of Taisho Emperor, Aso Master Shinto Priest prayed for birth on the seventh day, seven nights, I gave him five yen money from the temple.(Meiji (time period) 12), like this, since the ancient times, including the imperial preciousness, the worshipers are constantly gathering respect for the region.People who want children want to come here and bring a river stone back home and be caught in the crotch will surely give legend.Arumu no Mori who come to worship in Arumu no Mori of Arumu no Mori often stay.
  • I play with Aso

    • ■Cuddly Dominion

      A familiar zoo in "Pan-kun and James"Pan-kun and James know.Admission fee Adults 2.000 yen for 1.800 yen advance tickets can be purchased at Arumu no Mori Front Desk, please use.

      About 5 minutes by car
    • ■Mount Aso

      In general, when referring to "Aso mountain", it refers to the five generations of the mountains of the central volcanoes, Mt. Neko Mt Nakadake, Mt Takadake, Mt Nakadake, Mt Eboshi, Mt Kishima.The highest point is 1,592 m of Mt Takadake, and it can be remembered in the pun of "Higokuni".The crater of Mt Nakadake is still an active volcano that continues to raise the plume and erupts occasionally, and the road (Mt Aso Park road) leads to the west side of the crater.Arumu no Mori is located just at the foot of Mt Aso East.
      Having one of the largest caldera in the world and magnificent outer ring, it is popular as a symbolic existence of "Hi no Kuni" in Kumamoto prefecture.When the volcanic activity is peaceful, you can approach the crater but you can observe it, but activities may become active, or if toxic gas is generated, access to the vicinity of the crater may be regulated.

      About 20 minutes by car
    • ■Aso Shrine and Monzen Yokocho

      Korei Emperor 9 years old, No 1 in Higo palace, Former Government-managed Mejor Shrine.Aso is a historical shrine that sponsors the Twelve Gods god, including the pioneer of Aso, Take Iwa Tatsu no Mikoto), and more than 500 companies throughout the country.There is a monument of Kiyoki Nishimoto"Takasago no Matsu" which is beneficial to marriage and "Make a Wish Stone" that fulfills wishes in the precincts as well as a rare sideways approach that is unusual nationwide.The six First Shrine, Second Shrine, Third Shrine, tower gate, Shinko Gate, Kangyo Gate are designated as an important cultural property of the country.In addition, the tower is counted as one of the three biggest gate of Japan.
      Aso Shrine front of the Aso Shrine there is a shopping street where you can walk around town, shops where ingenuity has been settled are fun shopping streets.
      The specialty is "Horse Croquette" "Aso-mon Cider" etc.

      Approximately 15 minutes by car
    • ■Daikambo Observatory

      Daikambo (Daikanbo) is a mountain located Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture.The altitude is 935.9 m.Aso North-somma the highest peak of Aso North-somma Kuju Mountains, and it can overlook Kuju Mountains, including Aso Five Mountains Aso Valley and Aso Five Mountains the caldera basin.It is famous to compare Aso Five Mountains Goryake as a Nehan-zo of Nehan-zo front.The name of "Daikambo" is said to have been named by journalist Tokutomi Soho from Kumamoto Prefecture, and it was called "To Mi ga Hana" in old days.About 20 minutes by car
    • ■Aso Nature Land Co., Ltd

      Aso Nature Land Co., Ltd boasts a record of 17 years.Besides paragliding, there are all 11 kinds of hot air balloon, sports kite, canoe, motor mountain board, etc. In Aso's nature which boasts the world' s largest scale, you can enjoy outdoor sports without thinking! First of all, try on the trial course! Tokidoki Pension-mura hot air balloon may rise even in Tokidoki Pension-mura square.
      ■Reservation 0967-32-4196
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