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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did the autumn leaves start?

    It's a rough feeling, but ... Every year, the area near the summit of Mt. Mt Chausu
    Is it around mid-October near the exit of the ropeway anContinue reading
  • About pets

    Can I bring my pet to the cottage?
      →We apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from bringing pets, not limited to large and smContinue reading
  • About parking lot

    Is there a charge for parking?
      →It can be used for free.There is plenty of space.
       Also in front of the front entrance and behind the coContinue reading
  • I have a small child ...

    I have small children, can I stay?
      →The cottages are independent buildings, so I hope you can spend your time without hesitation.
       HowevContinue reading
  • Winter road conditions

    Can I go with normal tires?
    →In winter (December to early March), be sure to wear statless tires or bring a chain.Even if there is no snow oContinue reading
  • Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    →As of January 2016, no non-smoking rooms have been set.
     Ashtrays are available in all rooms.
     We are doingContinue reading
  • The floor plan of the cottage is ...??

    What is the floor plan inside the cottage?
    →All cottages are Western-style rooms, and there is one bedroom that doubles as a living room.
    (TContinue reading
  • About transfer

    Is there a transfer from the station?
      →There is a direct bus from Kuroiso Station Tohoku Main Line
       It's free to use, but a reservation Continue reading
  • Meals in Room

    Can I eat in the room?  
      →As of January 2016, we are not out of the room.
       In the cottage, we cannot prepare a table, and although it isContinue reading
  • Outlet is ...

    NASU GARDEN OUTLET far away?
      →In late March 2009, a Nasu Interchange (as seen from the direction of Tokyo).It is called Kuroiso InterchangContinue reading
  • About facilities in this facility

    Is there a facility where I can play in this facility?
      →There is no such facility on site, but tennis courts (for a fee) near the premisesContinue reading
  • Private bath is ...

    Do you have a private bath?
      →Unfortunately, there is no private bath for private use.
       However, on weekdays in regular months, the hot sContinue reading
  • About hot springs

    Is it a hot spring?
      →It is a free-flowing natural hot spring.
       However, since the source temperature is low, it is heated to an appropriContinue reading
  • About the banquet hall

    Is there a private banquet hall?
      →Unfortunately, there are no banquet hall facilities.
       Depending on the number of people and the date, Continue reading
  • In the room ...

    Can I cook in the room?
      →Unfortunately, we don't have cooking utensils, so we can't.
       There is a mini refrigerator.The ice machine is loContinue reading
  • About guest rooms

    Is there a Japanese-style room at the cottage?
      →All cottages are Western-style rooms.
       The cottage for 4 people has 2 twin rooms.The cotContinue reading
  • About accommodation fee

    Is the charge per building? Is it a price per person?
      →The price is per person.
       (Service charge and sales tax are included)

Reservation / Inquiry

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