A rich bridge connecting people, towns and culture

【Official】Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi


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Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi


Ekimae-odori, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture 1-55

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JR Toyohashi Station·Inside the Cocolafront. One minute on foot.
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  • "Spend" It becomes a rich memory

    In the city where people go, leave the hustle and go to the unusual space.
    The luxury of "staying" will change the common days.

    You are the only story from this place.

Club Floor

  • Space to spend abundantly

    "CLUB FLOOR" which attracts music flowing from the floor and sophisticated space design.
    Selected art and numerous books that you will want to get involved in unexpectedly create the best relaxation time.
    I want you to have a graceful time with various views every season.


  • In delight

    Ties to important people, to an irreplaceable bond.
    When talking and spending the same time, new rings will spread the gathering place.
    The hospitality from the heart is a bridge to a new future.

Hotel facility DATA


    ARC RICHE is a creative word that combines "ARC" which represents a bridge in French and "RICHE" which means richness, and puts the feeling that "I want to be a rich bridge that connects people with town, living and culture" It is.

    HOTEL ARC RICHE TOYOHASHI is located in front of Toyohashi Station and interacts with customers throughout the entire town of "Toyohashi / Higashi Mikawa" provide a rich hospitality that connects the stages of exchange.

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