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It will be an unforgettable time

The dish that pursued beauty and taste brilliantly colors the photographic paper of memory.
In the days that are going on, various scenes produce an unusual stage for each season the "landscape" weaves.
Welcome to the impressed time, which is only here.

    ARC RICHE is a creative word that combines "ARC" which represents a bridge in French and "RICHE" which means richness, "I want to be a rich bridge linking people with town, living and culture" It is put in.

    It is a Hotel full of feelings of the city that I want to cherish because it is not only high quality, such as dishes featuring the theme of "MIKAWA ism Contemporary Cuisine" that made the most of the local ingredients luxuriously.
    Please enjoy "hospitality in town" hospitality to your heart's content.
    • Chief Chef, Takeshi Imari, Imazato Takeshi
      Studied at Huis Ten Bosch Hotels restaurants under Motokatsu Kamijo, one of the leaders of French cuisine.
      After that, he gained experience at restaurants in the Kansai area such as Osaka and Kyoto.
      In 2008, he chief chef for Restaurant Kei at the time of opening of Hotel Arc Riche Toyohashi.
      Inherited the concept of "local production of local consumption" using dishes that pleasures with five senses that bring out the best of the material that has been created since opening, and rich mountain seafood of Toyohashi and Higashi Mikawa.
      He also plays an active role as an instructor for “Lecon de Gout” (taste class).
      He is also a member of the Association des Disciples d'Auguste Escoffier du Japon, working on the development and spread of French cuisine, activities for cooks and social contributions.

      【AMERICAN BREAK FAST】From ¥ 2,300
       Fresh salad from farmers
       Rose scented fruit yogurt parfait
       Three homemade jams
       Fruit juice and vegetable juice
       Egg dish, Meat Dish, Potato dishes
       Warm vegetables
       Baked bread
       Coffee or tea

      ※Continental breakfast and à la carte available too.
      ※Reservations for breakfast time seats are not accepted.
      ※The indicated price includes consumption tax and service charge (10%).
      ※The contents may be changed depending on the season and the purchase situation of ingredients.
      ※Prices are subject to change without notice.
      • Japanese breakfast(Limited Offer)Menu example


        White rice

        Soup stock

        miso soup

        Main dish

        Local grilled fish

        side dish

        Simmered dish / egg dishes / baked seaweed

        small bowl

        7 species
        From ¥ 2,300
      11: 30-15: 00(LO 14: 00) ※Monday Closed Holidays (next Tuesday in case of holiday)

      While admiring the KEI of Higashi-Mikawa color overlooking, in the bright sun-drenched floor
      Please have a lunch colored with colorful local vegetables.

      【LE MENU DE HINATA】From ¥ 2,900
      • LE MENU DE HINATA, Menu example


        Early Summer's Hood

        Main dish

        Wrapped bamboo shoots of fresh fish and clams and sky of sky and sprout

        Main dish or

        Along with two cooking methods in the "breast meat of roti and thigh meat of fricassee" butter rice and Atsumi Peninsula Yoshida Farm of vegetables Mikawa chicken


        Nishio no Matcha Ice Cream in Nanzan-en with Kinako and Azuki's Fiantine

        Dessert or

        Additional price + ¥ 1,100 with lemon and lime opera Sencha produced by Toyohashi and herbal ice cream added


        Coffee · tea or herb tea and confectionery
        From ¥ 2,900
      17: 30-22: 00(LO 20: 00) ※Monday Closed Holidays (next Tuesday in case of holiday)

      While enjoying the beautiful night view, please enjoy a moment for a special day with important people.
      Here, there is time, space, gastronomy only here.
      We also have a private room that is perfect for entertaining.

      【LE MENU DE Tsuki】From ¥ 8,300
      【LE MENU DE KESHIKI】¥ 12,400

      ※Dress code casual formal
      ※For use by less than junior high school students please contact us
      ※The photograph is an image
      ※Display price includes consumption tax and service charge (10%)
      ※The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation of ingredients
      • LE MENU DE Tsuki, Menu example

        Salmon configuration

        Smoke smell Shitara Town colorful aspic mosaic tailoring of carrot of Kinuhime salmon confit SuzuSakari plantation


        Mishella marshmallow of Mikawa produced snappy pea and cold Murasaki sauce and Momoko Hirasaki farm and sweet summer and raw ham

        Bouilla base of vegetables

        Seafood and Iwasaki Academy Fat Lear Vegetable Bouilla Base


        Roasty rosemary flavor sauce made from cistron lamb peach meat sauce · Ju Da Nyu seasonal vegetables tailoring

        Refresh or

        Danto beef roast raised by Mr. Takeuchi for an additional fee + ¥ 2,000 Truffle fragrance Merimello vegetable and sauce ju de buff

        Refresh or

        Pomegranate Madera sake made from Gamagori wrapped in a citrus Condylin Lead Vau Braze


        Coffee · tea or herb tea and confectionery
        From ¥ 8,300
      How would you like to receive a gift ticket to your important family, friends, and takeovers who are indebted to us from day one?

      Top floor of the Hotel, enjoying the wonderful views of Higashi Mikawa overlooking the sea, mountains and the streets, mountain seafood including Mikawa food ingredients and the best French body friendly with marriage of good quality ingredients ordered from various places Please enjoy!

      ■Lunch Ticket / ¥ 2,900, ¥ 5,200, ¥ 7,300
      ■Dinner Ticket / ¥ 8,300, ¥ 12,400

      ※Display price includes consumption tax and service charge
      Restaurant wedding to produce ART

      Passion for ingredients, deliciously delicious dishes that make you enjoyable on a sunny day.
      Amidst wonderful views, it is ideal for a small group meal or a showcase with relatives.

    Connecting people and the city, crowded places

    THE GARDEN restaurant & bar with a casual atmosphere based on "Neo Bistro" concept.
    You can enjoy the cuisine you cherish the material with plenty of ingredients of Mikawa, even with any wine.

    In the bar space featuring a gas lamp, you can have a relaxing time as a lunch & cafe during the day and as a dining and bar in the evening.
    • LUNCH & CAFE
      Weekdays 11: 30-14: 30(LO 13: 30) Saturday·Sunday·Holidays 11: 00-15: 00 (LO 14: 00)
      ※CAFE -16: 00(LO 15: 30)
      Please have a bistro buffet of Arc Riche that used abundant ingredients of Toyohashi and Higashi Mikawa.

      Elementary school students (buffet only), ¥ 900 ~

      Elementary school student free / Saturday · Sunday · Holidays are 90 minutes

      ※The photograph is an image
      ※Display price includes consumption tax and service charge (10%)
      ※The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation of ingredients

        Main dish

        (Pasta / Salad / Curry / Meat dishes / Fish dishes)

        Buffet cooking

        (Pizza / bread / soup / salad etc.)

        Dessert Buffet


        drink bar

        From ¥ 2,280
    • DINNER & BAR
      17: 00-24: 00 DINNER(LO 20: 00)BAR(LO 23: 30)
      ※Sunday·Holidays - 22: 00 (LO 21: 30)
      In a bar space where a gentle gas lamp light makes you feel warmth
      You can enjoy a variety of dishes from the course to a la carte.
      (Only beer garden business will be served in July and August)

      ※The photograph is an image
      ※Display price includes consumption tax and service charge (10%)
      ※The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation of ingredients
      • Omakase course"LUNE", Menu example


        Toyohashi Pumpage Potage


        Seafood's Papiyot


        Mikawa chicken vinegar flavor with Manganji pepper


        Vongole Bianco


        Garden special dessert


        Bread and olive oil


        Coffee or tea
        From ¥ 3,900
      For entertainment with important customers, for dinner
      We have an optimal private room.
      Enjoy the girls' party in a special atmosphere more than usual
      Lively meeting with small guests etc
      It is a space that you can use for various scenes.
    • THE BEER GARDEN(Limited time of summer)
      A popular beer garden every year!
      Would you like a cool draft beer in a spacious garden, just one minute from the station?
      Enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Hotel chef.
      Please spend the best time with mutual companions.

      This year's beer garden "meat" has appeared
      Full of stomach full of happiness
      With thanks for the 10th anniversary, this year's beer garden is steak!

      ※We may cancel sales due to bad weather
      • 【 Location 】 Cocolafront 3F "Kokora Garden"

        Period available:
        Limited business from May until September!
      Enjoy a free wedding like you in a sophisticated space.

      A banquet full of openness that became a continuation with the garden,
      "THE GARDEN" is an attractive open kitchen that presents freshly made flavors.
      A smile gives a smile, a wedding of warm bonds to you.