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I spend my precious time

What do people think while watching distant mountains?
In the time of "travel", everyone can be free here.
Tomedonai happy memories, go spun and thousands 250,000.
  • Halle's Day

    • With a calm wind

      13:00 THE GARDEN

      I want to leave the house a little earlier and have a different time than usual.
      The destination I chose with such a wish was a Hotel close to the station.
      Suddenly, checking in is still early.
      "How about meals in the garden where the blue sky spreads?"
      It was open-air restaurant where I was recommended by guest relations.
      Hoping for the beginning of the journey, while hoping for a gradual flow of time, expectations will expand.
    • To the space where you can spend your free time

      15:00 CHECK IN

      It passed the front desk on the top floor, and arrived at a special floor.
      Living space like a living room spreads on the floor of modern flooring.
      "It might be fun to stay here forever"
      She says in a room like being wrapped in gentle trees.
      In this place where the luxury of "doing nothing" is suitable, while watching the changing scenery
      A smile born with nature changes the common day to a special day.
    • Welcome to the magical time

      19:00 RESTAURANT KEI

      "Shall we go soon?"
      Talk to her, relaxing while watching the beautiful evening scenery, start dressing up.
      "It was a wonderful time," she said, saying that she dropped the Entrance of the restaurant.
      A warm light welcomes the two of us.One dish like a work of art that was carried along with a night view like a jewelry box spreading downstairs.
      "I will withdraw a word from a while ago" While laughing at that word, I know the meaning of enjoying food.
    • A special night

      21:00 CLUB FLOOR

      More surprises waited for the endless days.
      A salon for adults, surrounded by top art.
      Take a book as it goes.
      "Well, you might be able to read today."
      Whispering my favorite wine with my ear with my ear, I sat down deeply in the sofa with a satisfying appearance.
      Time here flows only here.
    • Miracle of "Blue Hour"

      6:00 ROOM

      In the morning, I wake up to the twilight.
      "Hey, look outside,"
      In the world of silence, a vast natural art is drawn out.
      The neighborhood is dyed bloom, overwhelming those who see a heavy gradation.
      What kind of sight is waiting when I visit this time next time.
      While wishing through the thoughts of the two "Hare 's Day", I wish eternity for this hard time to change.
  • "Shigoto" + "Journey"

    • When the heart is filled


      Bathe in the light that spreads through the room, feel the natural awakening.
      While relaxing and dressing up, check today's schedule.
      "I'm going to be a good day," I will go to the restaurant with such a feeling in mind.
      I recognized myself who was freed from a ruthless everyday in a really gentle air current.
      Carry the rich dishes that you chose for your preference one by one.
      "What a wonderful start of the day! "
    • Imagination is overflowing

      10:00 meeting at CLUB FLOOR

      While looking at the lights in the fireplace, wait for the partner to visit.
      "It's a nice place, is not it?"
      It was as proud as I was, but now it is time to entertain guests.
      Let's raise awareness to meetings starting from now.
      When I sat on the sofa of the salon, each other's words overlapped.
      A rude idea is born between them.
    • In the changing landscape

      13:00 THE GARDEN

      "How about even after lunch?"
      My partner nods with a happy face.
      In a restaurant where refreshing wind and mild sunlight are inserted,
      Tweets are leaked without thinking while choosing a favorite dish.
      "Was it good to have a lunch meeting here?"
      He smiles with a bitter smile."This time is a reward."
    • Visit the gem of a fortunate new year

      16:00, Toyoichi

      Let's stroll around as a break time between work.
      There is a spectacle like a market spreading in the building that suddenly entered.
      Fresh ingredients harvested in Mikawa district line up, all of which are rare.
      Olive oil of rich variety is sold out.
      "Although the sweet things were good," the remuneration continues while thinking of such a wife's dialogue.
    • One step towards the future and comfort

      17:00 work space at CLUB FLOOR

      Returning to the salon, the sunset wrapped around.
      As soon as you sit on a leather chair, the old couple looks at me and smiles at you.
      "The view from here is the most recommended"
      Suddenly when I looked up the night books fell, the mountain ranges dyed in the gradation are beautiful.
      While pleasantly feeling relaxation, I am pleased with the time to advance Shigoto.
  • Girls Trip

    • Encounter with gastronomy

      13:00 RESTAURANT KEI

      Let's go on a free-flying journey with my friends who are in school for the first time in a while.
      But it is a bit different from that time ...
      I do not want girls talking with gastronomy and champagne from daytime
      We grew up, we are.
    • Luxury named "extraordinary"

      16:00 tea party at LUXURY SUITE

      There was a secret entry way to this floor.
      "It sounds like you're going to a hideout place!"
      I am pleasantly enjoying a party that I do not finish after returning to my childhood.
      If it is such a wonderful place, it may not be easy to return home.
    • Healing time when the heart is filled

      18:00 ESTHETIC SALON

      Enveloped in a pleasant scent, enjoy the beauty salon.
      Somewhat not just the body, it seems to be beautiful to the heart
      A smile spilled without thinking time for relaxation.
      This is a reward for myself.
    • Beyond the night we can not talk over

      19:30 bar time at THE GARDEN

      I felt completely refreshed and stopped by a bar in the restaurant.
      Flowers bloom on delicious drinks, stories about stories and love.
      At lunch time, my friends who were crazy about cooking and talked cheeky too
      I'm excited everywhere.
      No matter how many we are girls will be filled with us.
    • Our journey will continue

      7:00 breakfast in ROOM

      When I woke up, the bright sun was spreading throughout the room.
      A variety of colorful dishes that appeared there.
      "Is this really a breakfast?" Eat a mouthful to look away.
      I wonder what luxury says this kind of thing.
      Girls travel is the best.
  • Mikawa journey

    • Visit the time of eternity

      14:00, Tokaido

      Looking at the scenery that runs through the car window, I notice myself that I wish to go further, far away.
      I wonder if a traveler who walked on Tokaido thought of the same thing.
      When I arrived at Hatagoya "Seiyakeya", I felt like I was in a good town lodging town.
      An oasis of heart of a hotel.
      Even now and the past, there is no change what people expect.
      "I wonder what kind of place the Hotel is today", there was a wife who made a big moment to expect.
    • 16:00, Tram

      Along the streetlights where a nostalgic atmosphere drifts, a small train runs.
      What do people think while watching the scenery of the city.
      It seems like the girl who went home just as his girlfriend went back to her child as "ah, look at that!
      Sometimes such a journey is not bad.
    • Remember the brave traditional arts

      18:00, Hand fireworks

      There was a dynamism beyond imagination for the hand-made fireworks to see in the near future.
      It seems that you can actually experience it, but it is not even age that you can challenge at a mercy.
      I felt that the boy's mind and spirit of the boy was being tested for bravely entertainment which is another different from the fireworks.
      "You might be pretty good,"
      To the next journey, preparation of the mind is necessary.
    • Journey on local food "food"

      19:30 THE GARDEN

      Back to the Hotel, a beautiful gas light greeted us.
      As I was guided by the warm light, I went to a restaurant where I could see the outside.
      Flowers bloom on a memorable story with a cold beer and a recommended wine.
      Cooking which used the abundant ingredients harvested in Mikawa district was carried.
      At the moment when I brought it to my mouth, both of them opened up their eyes widely and stared at each other.
      After all the journey has to be this.
    • In the time of flowing

      21:30 CLUB FLOOR

      While dancing in the gastronomy of the gastronomy, we visited the club floor on the 15th floor.
      While aging over the master's paintings, aged Pol Roger heals traveling nights.
      My wife does not seem to be enough to talk.
      It is not the fault that the limited time felt as if it were not over.
      After all, "Inn" has not changed either now or again.
      "When will the next reservation be made?"