Arima Onsen Ryokan in Kobe "Arima Royal Hotel" in Arima Onsen Ryokan in Kobe "Arima Royal Hotel". We have a special accommodation plan only for homepage reservation.Please spend a relaxing time by boasting outdoor bath.
Arima Kinsen and Chief Chef Enjoy the creative cuisine of Passion.


Enjoy the handmade creative cuisine cuisine handled by chief chef soaked in the Japan Best 3 Traditional Onsen, Arima's famous hot spring "Kinsen"

Ogon-no-yu spring "Kinsen" that Taiko Hideyoshi loved is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, and it is described in Nihon Shoki.
It contains a lot of salt and iron content, it has excellent heat retention, moisturizing effect, has been popular as a healing hot spring since ancient times.
Take the open-air bath of the hotel and relax and enjoy your trip.

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987 Arima Town, Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

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Arima Onsen Station 5 minutes on foot, convenient location for walking around the center of hot spring town.Cooking lodging☆

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☆ Kobe Dentetsu Arimaonsen Station, Arima Onsen Bus Stop, Ropeway Arima Station☆彡
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ARIMA ROYAL HOTEL Recommend plan

  • 【With certificate, Top quality beef】Piping Hot Kobe Beef Steak Kaiseki☆

    Arima Royal purchases selected meat from contract farmers
    We prepare "Kobe beef with certificate" that it is safe, secure and authentic.

    Please enjoy its genuine authentic "Kobe Beef sirloin steak 150 g".
    A luxurious plan that you enjoy plenty.

    It is a finest piece baked with jujutsu with a hot steel plate!
    In addition, we will prepare creative Kaiseki cuisine and enjoy all 13 items.
  • For two of you just good friends! Happy W 's meal (menu for 2 people different)

    Dinner party cuisine of all 13 items sticking to handmade will be different double meals for 2 people.
    There are 23 people in total for you!

    For example, if the main dish is a beef shabu-pot, one person such as Japanese Spiny Lobster pot,
    You can enjoy the taste of cooking boasts twice.
  • Seasonal fish snapper &Sanda beef Both luxury party specialties

    For dinner, we will prepare a total of 13 different dinner cuisine course including menus using fresh sea bream and menus using brand beef "Sanda beef" from Hyogo prefecture.

    【Menu example】
     red snapper, ◆Sea bream and mushrooms shabu-shabu
     Sanda beef Hyogo Prefecture, ◆Sanda beef aji shabu small hot pot (sanda beef shabu-shabu in seasoned soup)
    Other, boiled, deep fried, sashimi, grilled dishes, together totaling 13 deluxe meeting specialties

      Please eat delicious dish of seasonal sea bream, luxurious dish.

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