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Kobe Beef certificate

Original kaiseki cooking

Arima Onsen culinary artist who won the gold medal · silver prize in the creative cooking contest wields his arms Original Kaiseki cuisine,
We received very popular attention from customers who visited us in various variations.
I will introduce a number of examples in the course.
For other course, please confirm the accommodation plan.
  • LOVE version★Main is Kobe Beef and Japanese Spiny Lobster★彡

    For dinner, prepare two course with different contents such as barges, steaming, ingredients, ingredients, recipe, etc.
    Arima hot springs ARIMA ROYAL HOTEL original meeting cuisine where you can enjoy twice with two people.(13 meals for one person)
    Special version of Kaiseki main dish is Japanese Spiny Lobster dish where one person handles Kobe Beef cuisine · Another one handles it in the kitchen.
  • 【Kobe Beef and Sanda beef】Luxury local eat more Japanese Wagyu beef☆

    course which you can compare "Kobe Beef" and "Sanda beef Kobe Beef" who are chief chefs themselves to review by reviewing the examination and eat two kinds of luxury Japanese Wagyu.
    Kibe Kobe Beef 100 g and Sanda beef 100 g will be prepared for dinner cocktail course (13 items in all).
    Please steak or shabu shabu-shabu in each way you like.(We will prepare for you to eat as you like on the spot)

    <An example>Steak with Shabu Shabu at Kobe Beef / Sanda beef, Steak at Kobe Beef / Shabushabu with Sanda beef, Both Types Separated by Half Steak / Shabu-shabu
  • 【230 g of Kobe Beef with certificate】Kobe Beef dinner party meal

    There is a certificate in the meat of authentic Kobe Beef with limited amount of distribution and very rare value.
    ※Kobe Beef used at the hotel's cuisine will be served only from Teika livestock, along with a certificate by the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council that prove authentic Kobe Beef.(Kobe Beef with no certificate is not genuine so we do not offer it)

    For dinner of this plan, we will prepare kaiseki cuisine to enjoy 230 g of Kobe Beef's dishes.
    【Menu example】
    Steak with teppanyaki·Loose Shabushabu·Boiled Yoshino·Kobe Beef Japanese salad·Streak of konjac miso stew, All 13 course
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