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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a pick-up service from Hamasaka Station if I go by JR

    Unfortunately, we will Yumura Onsen by bus in 1 to 2 minutes on foot. Please understand that it is an agreement to use public transportationContinue reading
  • Is the meal a room meal?

    As a general rule, we will prepare a dining hall for up to 5 people and a private dining hall for 6 people or more. If you would like to eatContinue reading
  • Is it possible to use only lunch?

    In principle, we accept reservations from 10 people. However, this is not the case if you have already made another reservation on the same Continue reading
  • Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    We apologize, but we do not separate smoking and smoking rooms.We take great care in cleaning so that no odor will remain, but we are deodorContinue reading
  • Is pet acceptable?

    There are two limited plan for staying with pets.If you are a small dog weighing 5 kg or less, do not bark in vain, and do not enter other tContinue reading
  • ///Ehon no Hikidashi (drawer of picture books)///2017.09.06 Broadcast

    (Sumi-e:Yasumasa Asano, President of the Asanoya)

    From this Saturday, "Ehon no Hikidashi Akiko Hayashi original picture exhibition" will beContinue reading
  • Do you have a public bath for 24 hours?

    It is not 24 hours. The public bath is available from 5:30 in the morning until midnight.
  • Can I use the card for payment?

    Except for cash payment only plan, it can be used for all credit cards.
  • Is it possible without meals?

    Basically, one night and two meals is a principle, but we accept if there is a room in the guest room.
  • Do you have a wheelchair-accessible room?

    Unfortunately, there barrier-free. Public toilets are not available.
  • Is it possible for one person to stay overnight?

    If there is an extra room in the room, we will accept it.
  • Is there a pool?

    Unfortunately, we do not have any information. We are introducing the nearby "Refresh Park Yumura" heated pool (charged).
  • Can you handle allergies?

    We will prepare a separate menu for allergic ingredients that we asked in advance.
  • What kind of open-air baths do you have in your room?

    There are 8 rooms in total, each of which has a different taste. For more information, select "Information about this facility" ⇒ "Room" froContinue reading
  • How many people can stay?

    All 66 rooms can accommodate 400 people.
  • Is there a table tennis table?

    Unfortunately not.
  • Is it possible to use the bath only?

    There is no excuse, but we cannot accept the use of the bath only.
  • What should I do when I go by car?

    If you come by car, please come to the front door once. Since the parking lot of this facility is far away, this staff will be responsible fContinue reading
  • What should I do when I go by bike?

    If you come by bike, please contact us in advance. When you come on the day, the staff will lead you to the garage, so please come to the frContinue reading

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.