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Various dishes for each season

Brilliant coloring, various seasons.
I feel the change of the seasons with my eyes.Please enjoy our hospitality for a lifetime to your heart's content.
  • | Taste of heartwarming taste | Seasonal taste

    ~ Information on cuisine ~
    The finest brands Japanese boasts boast of bovine · Tajima Beef, black soybean sticking to organic pesticide / chemical fertilizer, fresh seafood in the Japan Sea in the Sanin Region.Asanoya, at the Asanoya, we are working on stocking of agricultural crops such as rice, alga, yuzu and shiitake mushrooms. Tajima's good quality soil - the grace of the earth grew up with abundant and good quality water.You can relish with confidence.We also offer cuisine using locally produced seasonal seasonal ingredients to local consumption.Please enjoy the seasonal taste of the Sanin nature has nurtured.
  • | Winter taste | Delicious secret of the crab of the Asanoya

    In the hotel, the winter king and pine needle crabs in winter use pine needle crabs landing from "Hamasaka Fishing Port port" one of the most famous seas in the Japan Sea from Yumura Onsen.The pine needle crab of Hamasaka Fishing Port is recognized as the best quality brand crab and is a famous fishing port as one of Japan's top pine needle crabs.Next to this wonderful fishing port, the Asanoya visits the chief chef himself to crush pine needle crabs which were landing early in the morning, carefully examines it and offers the best crabs in the best recipe.
  • | Breakfast |

    ~ Enrich your morning abundantly ...Please spend a calm time.~

    Please enjoy the super size cuisine with plenty of local ingredients.

    " Start time ", 7: 00 to 8: 30
  • | Information on bespoke food |

    □ Assorted sashimi(Six kinds of prime), 3,240 yen

    □ Sari of the squid, ¥ 1,620

    □ Spicy barbecue(2 pieces), ¥ 1,620

    □ Abara no Sato, Or, Charcoal grill(100 g), 3,240 yen

    □ Boiled Rockfish, Or, Salt-grilled(Rare), 2,160 yen

    □ Tajima Beef Tokujo sirloin steak(100 g ~), From 5,940 yen

    □ Assorted tempura(3 shrimp, 1 fish and 4 vegetables), 2,160 yen

    □ Tajima Beef rock salt plate grill(80 g), ¥ 4,320

Passion for ingredients

In order to deliver security and safety to our customers, we purchase only the products of high quality and freshness, limiting the important suppliers that we can feel reliable on important ingredients that seasons at the Asanoya.
Fresh seafood, vegetables and others will serve a variety of dishes, mainly local items.
  • Seasons breath | Fresh seafood |

    Seafood including fresh pine needle crabs, firefly squid and oysters in the Sea of ​​Japan in the Sanin Region.
  • Field of Tajima raised | Agricultural crops |

    Vegetables raised by Tajima's fields are cooked as seasonal vegetables every season.
  • Superbrand bull cow | Tajima Beef |

    The taste of Tajima Beef is its splendid sash, fragrant aroma, melting texture.