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Introducing a sightseeing course

Here are some recommended sightseeing course that you can enjoy on the way to the Asanoya.
  • Hyogo area tourist attractions

    • ① Machu Picchu Takeda Castle Japan

      Mt Furushiro at an altitude of 353.7 meters exceptionally large stone "Kagamiishi" which was built in the summit are fitted to the stone wall of the south thousand tatami Mt Torafusu is referred to as a power spot, only one of us to grant a wish.
    • ② Izushi

      A castle town with a rich history, such as castle ruins, Nagaya House for Warrior Class, and Karo Yashiki.
    • ③ Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork

      In addition to working on the protection and breeding of storks and returning to the wild, they are responsible for various activities aimed at creating an environment in which humans and storks can coexist.
    • ④ Genbudo Cave

      The magma erupted by the eruption about 1.6 million years ago cooled and formed a basalt mass.About 6,000 years ago, the basalt mass was exposed due to the erosion of the waves.
    • ⑤ Tajima Kogen Botanical Garden

      It was established on June 15, 1997, at Tsubagawadaira, a spring marsh at an altitude of 680m, which was designated as Hyonosen Ushiroyama Nagisan Quasi-National Park and was ranked as the best 100 Selections for Sightseeing in Hyogo Prefecture Torokawataira.
    • ⑥ Saruodaki Waterfall

      It has been selected as Japan’s 100 Best Waterfalls, and it is said that its name derives from the fact that the lower stream resembles a monkey's tail.
    • ⑦ Great Katsura of Itoi

      It is designated as a national natural monument, with a trunk circumference of 19.2m, a tree height of 36m, and a tree age of about 2000 years.
    • ⑧ Mt Hiyori-Kasumi Coast Road

      Many cliffs are scattered and the Sea of Japan opens below.The rugged coastline created for the Rias coast is one of the most scenic spots in Sanin National Park.
    • ⑨ Station in the sky "Amarube Tekkyo Bridge"

      We will utilize a part JR Sanin Line's former Amarube Tekkyo Bridge, which has closed its curtain on the history of about 100 years. "Station in the sky "A superb view of the Sea of Japan from a height of about 41m.Opened in May 2013.
    • ⑩ Shinonsen Sanin Coast Geopark, Shinonsen Town

      This museum aims to contribute to regional development, education, and cultural development through the collection and storage of materials related to Geoparks, exhibitions, and hands-on learning.
    • ⑪ Museum of Tajima Kokubu and Kokubunji

      In the cathedral remains, a part of the rain ditch of Tsukiji, which indicates the temple area, was confirmed in addition to the main Kondo (Golden Hall), corridor, tower, and Nakamon, and 36 wooden blocks were excavated from there.
    • ⑫ Naomi Uemura Bokenkan

      Naomi Uemura Bokenkan exhibits equipment, recorded footage of adventures, and picture postcards from various parts of the world.
    • ⑬ Tajima Ryukoku Temple

      Ryukoku Temple is commonly known as "Peony Temple".It is also the "Kansai Hananotera dai 6 ban Fudasho" and attracts many visitors with about 1,000 peony bloom from late April to early May.
    • ⑭ The most beautiful village in Japan"Ojiro"

      It is the first certified district in Hyogo Prefecture to be "the most beautiful village in Japan".
    • ⑮ Kannabe Plateau

      It has been designated in the area of the Hyonosen Ushiroyama Nagisan Quasi-National Park, consisting of about 20,000 years it is before the scoria cone made of volcanic activity Mt Kannabe (altitude 469m) basaltic lava flow.
    • ⑯ Daijo Temple

      Edo is known as "Okyo Temple" because there are many fusuma paintings by Okyo Maruyama, a painter from the middle Edo period, and painters from that family.
    • | course around Hyogo- Yumura Onsen |

      <Kitakinki Toyo-Oka Expressway Wadayama IC or Bantan Connecting Road Asago IC>
      ■Standard Course
      ■Visit a power spot
      ■History, historic sites, country tour

      <From Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway Yoka / Hyonosen IC>
      ■Sanin Coast Geopark Course
  • Sightseeing spots in the Kyoto / Miyazu area

    • ① Amanohashidate

      Amanohashidate is a sashi that separates Miyazu Bay Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture and the Aso Ocean in the Utsumi, north and south.
    • ② Kono Shrine

      Ise Jingu Shrine is one of the Motoise that was temporarily placed, and is also called the Motoise Kono Shrine.
    • ③ Nariai Temple

      The 28th temple of the pilgrimage of thirty-three Buddhist temples in Kansai Region.The main deity is Shokannon Bosatsu.Shingon Sect.In 704 (Keiun year gannen), it was the foundation of Shinno Shonin.
    • ④ Chionji Temple

      One of Japan's 3 temples dedicated to Monju.
    • ⑤ Tateiwa Rock in Taiza

      A rock with a circumference of about 1 km, connected by a sandbar at the mouth of the river.It is a basalt with a large columnar joint, and the circumference is about 1 km.
    • | course around Kyoto and Miyazu |

      <Kyoto Jukan Expressway Miyazu / Amanohashidate IC>
      ■Standard Course
      ■Visit a power spot
      ■Sanin Coast Geopark Course
      ■History, historic sites, country tour
  • Tottori area tourist attractions

    • ① Tottori Sand Dunes

      It is a vast coastal sand dune that spreads along the coast of the Sea of Japan in Tottori City.It is one of the The Three Major Sand Dunes in Japan.
    • ② Uradome Coast ・Island Tour Pleasure Boat

      Designated as a national scenic spot and a natural monument (1928), it was selected as "Japan 100 Scenic Views", "Japan's 100 Best White sand-green pine Locations", "Japan's 100 Best Beaches" and "Japan's Best Beaches Heisei 100 Sightseeing Spots". It is a natural scenic spot along the coast of the Sea of Japan.
    • ③ Koyama Pond

      Among the lakes stick with the "pond" is said and is the nation's largest in the peripheral Tottori City, but the fact is the second in the country next to Hachirogata Retention Basin (27.7km2).
    • ④ Hakuto Shrine

      Shirousagi no Kami Inaba's Hakuto that appears in Japanese mythology, and is worshiped as a god with a spiritual test for skin diseases based on the content of the narrative.
    • ⑤ Amedaki Waterfall

      It has been selected as Japan’s 100 Best Waterfalls sacred water that protects it from rough skin.
    • ⑥ Chuzushuku Post Town

      It is a road that connects Kinai and Inaba since the Nara era, and it has a history of prospering as a lodging center for both roads in the area where the Chizu goai (Inaba Kaido), which was also a road for participation in the Edo (time period), and the Bizen Kaido merged. ..
    • ⑦ Ube Shrine

      Shikinaisya(Myojin Taisha),Inaba no Kuni Ichinomiya.Kokuhei Chusha is the former shakaku, and now it is a separate Shrine of the main Shrine office.
    • ⑧ Yokoo Tanada

      This terraced paddy, which was reclaimed in the middle of the Edo (time period), has 25 ha, and 56 rice fields make up 500 sheets.
    • | course around Tottori- Yumura Onsen |

      <Tottori Expressway (Chugoku Odan Expressway Himeji Tottori Line) From Tottori IC>
      ■Standard Course
      ■Visit a power spot
      ■Sanin Coast Geopark Course
      ■History, historic sites, country tour