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Hospitality of Kaiseki cuisine made with one item per article

Cuisine made with Aso's spring water is "boast" of the hotel.

Every morning, the service manager himself bought locally in the market and was cooked carefully using the local ingredients and the spring water of Ichinomiya.
We prepare Japanese-style meals that are rich and rich.

Evening dinner that finishes all the delicious seasonal items handmade,
Many small bowls centering on locally harvested vegetables line up, service manager handmade breakfasts are well received.

Please enjoy the season of Aso which was beautifully appeared.
  • Dinner

    Please enjoy the taste of the Cuisine Ryokan that the local people also go legs.
  • Breakfast

  • Cooking examples

  • Mellow Monk, (TURUYA Annex)

    <Sake and music>
    mellowmonk would be happy if you enjoyed "a wonderful journey" with sake and music.

    You can enjoy a variety of sake in the calm atmosphere of Aso's quiet night.
    Please enjoy the magnificent night of Aso with lovely music at our shop's audio equipment.

    Please use it for returning to the Aso Shrine or for sightseeing breaks.
    We will do hospitality like we can connect heart and heart of customer and staff.
    We are waiting for everyone's visit from the bottom of our heart.