Meals - Aso - Taste the nature of the region -

When you come to that place, please enjoy the delicious ones of the land.

We fully use the ingredients raised in the rich nature of Aso,
"Local meal" which will be the real pleasure of the trip will be raised.Meet on the road, tasty things.
To remain in memories of those who visited us ... I will make it with my whole heart.
  • Passion for ingredients

    A journey is for a long time.We stick to the materials so that customers will be pleased.
  • When I come to Kumamoto, I want to eat one dish

    Luxury brand beef "Wao" in Kumamoto prefecture boasting worldwide.
    Kuroge Wagyu beef cattle "Wao" who grew up with clean water and air is charming with mellow texture.
    Please enjoy delicious sashi of shopkeeper passion and good quality.
  • Focused ingredients

    Chicken meat is "flat-nature natural bird" raised and raised in a more natural state, and home-made pesticide or reduced-farm vegetable is used for vegetables.
    Pickles are also handmade by service manager.
    We are conscious of domestically produced body-safe food ingredients.
  • Dinner information

    ~ Aso in Aso Let's taste "Wao" and "aka ushi (red beef)"plan -

    Asogen a basic plan of Asogen.Sashimi of the horse is a Kumamoto specialty is using the Jobasashi, who balance of lean and frost in quality.The A5 rank of Wao which is the main Kumamoto Wao brand wagyu to become main and Higo Beef (aka ushi (red beef)) enjoy each taste with grilled meat.Wearing of grilled meat Who is the secret sauce of Asogen special.Other Please enjoy a variety of dishes that change every season.

    ·Local Cuisine
    ·Nabe (change according to the season)
    ·Tempura (with seasonal changes)
    ·Taste of roasted meat
    ·Fruit or dessert (subject to change according to the season)
  • Taste the Wao in Aso + Wao Kamameshi plan

    Wao Kamameshi is Wao Kamameshi basic plan and it is a plan that you can enjoy the grace and taste of Aso more.
    Rice uses dried fish rice of pesticide.Plus the Wao of passion for the rice which the power of the sun is jammed.
    It is one of enjoyment for rice which the meat taste impregnated.In addition, please enjoy the cuisine which added Kumamoto's local cuisine, horse sashimi and soup juice, Aso fresh vegetables plus the passion of cooks.

    ·Local Cuisine
    ·Nabe (change according to the season)
    ·Tempura (with seasonal changes)
    ·Taste of roasted meat
    ·squid soup
    ·Fruit or dessert (subject to change according to the season)
  • Information on breakfast

    The start of the day is from breakfast.
    Aiming for a balanced diet that boosts the awakened body's immunity, we are thinking of menus.
    For eggs grown in nature, relish relaxing miso soup, dried rice cooked rice with dried rice.
    Please eat this Japanese breakfast.

    【Menu example】
    ·Fried eggs, ·pickles
    ·grilled fish, ·rice
    ·pottery, ·miso soup
    ·Tofu, ·Dessert
    ※The menu of the above dishes will change depending on the season and arrival status.Please understand.
  • Dining Hall

    On the first floor, you can eat breakfast in the morning and evening at the shop space where there is a warmth of wood and a seat that feels warm and soft lights, or table seats and tatami mats that offer day-trip meals .

    Please enjoy the dishes that used Aso's abundant ingredients in a relaxingly relaxing environment.