◎ Please note.
Prefectural Route 1 near Yamaga Prefectural Route 1 is closed until October 31.
●Hot spring regular holiday in October, October 15(Tuesday)October 28 (Tuesday)
●The bathing fee has been revised to 600 yen for adults from October 1st.
●Very affordable platinum coupons and gift certificates on sale


【Official】Ayabe Onsen Nio-kan

Healing woman trip, Okukyoto Ayabe Onsen···There is no Lawson·····There is Norson (rural).

AYABE ONSEN is located in Satoyama in the Kyoto Northern Part of Kyoto Northern Part.
You can enjoy the beautiful Satoyama landscape from your room or hot spring.
Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, sea of ​​clouds in autumn, snow scene in winter.Not only sightseeing, but business travelers are also very convenient at the locations of Ayabe city, Maizuru, Takahama and Obama all within an hour.
Please heal the fatigue of your body and mind.

You can take a bath at the deferred price before the tax increase

  • Advantageous coupon! It sells! Save 800 yen! 16% discount

    You can purchase at a deferred price before the tax increase.
    Bathing fee 600 yen for adults → 500 yen
  • Started sales of consumption tax reduction platinum gift certificates

    Gift certificates that can be used conveniently at Ayabe Onsen facilities are now available with Platinum benefits.
    From October 1st, you can purchase a gift certificate for 5000 yen at a reasonable price of 4500 yen, a 10% reduction.

    Restaurants, shops, lodging, banquets, mountain houses, grand golf, barbecue, etc.
    Available at all Ayabe Onsen facilities.
    For bathing in hot springs, please purchase an even more advantageous platinum coupon.

More than 10 kinds of homemade sweets are lined up every day

  • Hinode's open-air bath and patisserie cake debuted

  • New, Basque cheesecake, 230 yen

  • Great cake set, 500 yen

How about a sweets girls' party with a bargain bar set?

  • An OB company's mom friend and OB uncle joined the hot spring sweets girls' association!

  • Princess joins in

  • Inject the cream after receiving your order (Pari Paris), 300 yen

Facility information

  • Takeout sweets corner

    More than 10 kinds of authentic pastry chef handmade cakes
  • Ayabe Onsen specialties, "Tochi Mochi", etc., shop souvenir corner

    The well-stocked shops are full of local specialties, such as the famous Tochi Mochi.
    Fresh vegetables fished from local farmers were sold at surprising prices,
    Also, special products full of ideas using rich and reliable ingredients are only the powerful work of young migrants from urban areas that are growing every year.Please visit us and purchase.It is surely pleased as a souvenir.

    Local grandma such as miso · Konjak · Yamabuki · Umeboshi · Crispy San pepper · etc. is not defeated

    *Mainichi Broadcasting, Chichinpuipui, Koya's, Tochi Mochi and Tochi Mochi Senbei were interviewed.

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Ayabe Onsen Nio-kan


10 Zainomukai, Mutsuyori Town, Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture

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30 minutes by getting off at JR Ayabe Station, bus or taxi. Ayabe IC 30 minutes by car from Ayabe IC.

Banquet·Guests for Overnight Stay····Ayabe Station will pick you up at Ayabe Station and Higashi-Maizuru Station for free. (Limited to 6 people or more) Reservation required
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