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Kaiseki Meal

Please enjoy genuine luxury.I would like to deliver it more reasonably

Handcrafted hospitality is the kind of hospitality we can do.
It is not a fashionable place, but I would like to be a resort for visiting customers!

Please enjoy the ingredients born in this place.Please enjoy it in the scenery which can be tasted only here

  • Affordable Restaurant Menu for Families

    All prices are exclusive of tax.
    In addition to pictures, there is also a one menu menu etc. in the menu.
    • Recommended··Specialty Kambayashi Chicken's rice kettle
      We will cook from rice at your table, so it will take 20 minutes.The excitement of the steaming spring and the impression of the moment of cooking are satisfactory that only customers who ordered with the view of Yamazato can receive it.
      1,480 yen
    • Medicine bowl Obanza rice bowl with fresh healthy vegetable smoothie drink
      Kambayashi medicine chopsticks born from a proposal from a girl who loves nature in Kambayashi
      Freshly squeezed vegetable smoothies are great for beauty and health!
      The synergy with Ayabe Onsen's beautiful skin is sure to rejuvenate!
      1680 yen
    • Add hot spring barrel udon tempura
      Sanuki Udon's Koshi stand out.  It is accompanied by the proud tempura.
      1280 yen
    • Abebei Kinuki Set Meal
      Kyoto rice Koshihikari, which is famous nationwide from Kambayashi, is harvested in a rice field with a temperature difference between morning and evening peculiar to the mountain area, and sticky rice is produced.
      The locally grown Yamabuki kelp seaweeds handcrafted in the factory and locally produced additive-free Umeboshi will relieve visitors.
      1,280 yen
    • Hand made pizza ··Kabo Pizza Bono Naples style
      Very Satisfactory Quantity

      Homemade pizza made with mashed, fluffy, crispy, pumpkin and rice flour

      Simultaneously release Caesar salad pizza 925 yen
      ¥ 925
    • "Limited time", Homme Cut Burger Set
      What is omakatburger, which is widely loved from children to elderly people?
      Trompe scrambled eggs, bread crumbs, fried in crisps, into omikatsu
      Much melting cheese sauce and honey mustard sauce with plenty of honey
      Called. Please enjoy with local specialty, Kambayashi Chicken fried Kambayashi Chicken.
      It is with a nice drink bar.
      ¥ 463
    • Specialty with Chopsticks 480 yen
    • Fried Kambayashi Chicken fried Kambayashi Chicken fried Kambayashi Chicken
      The fried chicken set meal of the most popular local chicken was volume UP.
      1230 yen
    • Thick cut juicy tonkatsu set meal
      It is a ripened pork cutlet that can be eaten.
      Soft and juicy are popular.
      1180 yen
    • Temple of wine Udon / Soba(homemade·No additive soup)
      The soup of the chief chef secret is a reputation with a gentle taste blended with Hokkaido kombu and Maizuru kelp.Tempura vegetables, of course, which local morning used.
      880 yen
    • Kambayashi Chicken udon / soba(homemade·No additive soup)
      The compatibility of the specialty Kambayashi Chicken with Ayabe Onsen secret sushi is preeminent and is most popular.
      880 yen
    • Iberian pork meat udon / soba(homemade·No additive soup)
      Among the Spanish luxury Iberian pork with high world No 1 calls, the taste of secret roses and the secrets of the highest ranked Bejotas collaborated spectacularly.
      ¥ 780
    • Agate Carbonara Udon
      Mentaiko and Carbonara, popular with women of all ages, have become udon.
      980 yen
    • Cutlet of a soft loin and rice bowl
      Thick cut loin pork cutlet and egg are excellent compatibility
      980 yen
    • Ankake Kambayashi Chicken and egg bowl of Kambayashi Chicken
      Takaka Oyakodon, However, parent and child rice bowl.
      Kambayashi Chicken's Oyakodon don can only be eaten at Ayabe Onsen.
      980 yen
    • Hometown hospitality restaurant
      Super reasonable! At this price this content would be worth purposing for a day-trip hot spring.
      1680 yen
    • Rib steak set menu
      Branding We are sending directly from the butcher dealing with Kyoto beef.The style that you bake yourself is like a roasted meat!

      100 g: 1880 yen
      200 g: 2680 yen
    • Iberian hamburger and fried shrimps
      Hand made shrimp fried and Iberian pork's hamburger's strongest western menu is exploding in the country hot-spring inn.
      1,380 yen
  • Good Deal! , Ladies only special course

    Female only 4 or more, Surprised low price!
    Western food chefs with high-quality ingredients and local ingredients for all 8 items Chef Flame course

    ✻ Women's Association accommodation pack is also available.Please feel free to contact us.(Responsible, Hatano)
    • Feel free to celebrate lunch girls' party
      As a colleague of the company, I will relax and have a hot spring girls party in the forest
    • Repeat succession, Girls Association course
      ◎ It is necessary to book more than 4 people.

      ◎ We will pick you up free for 6 people or more.

      * It is a favorite and popular course that keeps increasing the number of repeaters used every month.

      2,500 yen / 1 person
  • Kaiseki menu menu

    Kaiseki cooking is available from 3000 yen.

    For accommodations and banquets, ...!

    • Ayu in summer of Okukyoto
      Natural sweets picked up at Okukyoto, Kanbayashi River, it is necessary reservation, please do not hesitate to contact us
    • In the summer Kyoto is
      You are behind! Is it a gentleman of Kyoto? .
      As expected after all, it will be 鱧!
    • Kambayashi, Local huntsman, Of peony pot
      From autumn to winter it is not exaggeration to say that it is a very special place in this region!
      Okukyoto, it is also in the Tamba area.

      Of the negative ion full open, Okukyoto, Kambayashi, sandwiched by the neighboring seas
      Sea and mountain collaboration cuisine was realized.
    • In Tanba's fall, matsutake
      Potatoes of matsutake are Ayabe Onsen and Yokozuna in autumn.
    • King's Party Cooking, 5000 Yen
      Other Kaiseki Cuisine and Nabe Menu

       ★Sosaku Kaiseki Meal, 4,000 yen

       ★Hibikino Banquet Seating, 5,000 yen
    • Special Kaiseki
       ★Natural sweetfish cooking cuisine, 12,000 yen

       ★Matsutake mushroom cooking cuisine, Market price
    • Nabe course
       ★Sukiyaki course Kyoto beef, from 6,500 yen, use wagyu of Kyoto region luxuriously!

       ★Sukiyaki course Kambayashi Chicken, from 4,500 yen In the locals the Kambayashi Chicken is said to sukiyaki from olden days.

       ★Sukiyaki course Kambayashi Gymnastics, from 6,500 yen Kambayashi warrior brought up young producers without passion

       ★Crab pit course, from 6,000 yen to December to February

       ★Please enjoy the fresh meat delivered by the local hunter after receiving your reservation from the Peony pot course, 6,500 yen

       ★Iberian pork's sharp pot, Full course of Bejaota with the highest rank of Iberian pork from 5,300 yen