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Sightseeing·Surrounding information

30 minutes by car to Okinawa Takahama Beach, Fukui Prefecture · 40 minutes by car to Maizuru, Retreat Memorial hall quay mother ~

The picture is a jetty seen from the Ayabe Onsen 40 minutes by car from the Ayabe Onsen.

30 minutes to 40 minutes by car to the tourist area of ​​the sea, convenient negative ion location where both sea and mountain can be tasted

  • Maizuru sightseeing ⇒ 30 minutes by car

    • Maizuru lifting memorial hall

  • Kansai's only natural grass golf course·Nio Park

    • Grand Golf

      ·Grand Golf Reception
         Morning → Nio Park(As usual)
         Afternoon → AYABE ONSEN

      ·Tennis court reception
         Ayabe Onsen Nio-kan
         ★The racket's loan will cease.
      Tennis, Putter Golf, Grand Golf or Green
      Would you like relaxing reading etc on the bench?

    • Japan Grand Golf Association Certification course, 40 holes, 5 course

    • After playing at the seaside camping grounds it's a hot spring!

  • Komyoji Temple Niomon-Gate

    • Currently under renovation work

      However, you can see Komyoji.

      It is the only national treasure in Beijing capital.
      It is a double structure gate built in the thirteenth century built in the 13th century.
  • Maboroshi-no-Tochinoki (Big Marronnier Tree)

    • It is Toshinoki of 2000 years old.

      It is also chosen as a natural selection of 200 in Kyoto.
      It is a 10-minute drive from Ayabe Onsen and then a 25-minute walk.
  • Wrapped in nature · · ·spring·summer·autumn·winter·· · ··

    • 4000 fireworks will fascinate all visitors

      Ayabe Minzuki Festival, fireworks display

      July 28(soil)
      We will pick you up at the minibus for guests staying on the day.
    • 30 minutes by car to the sea in Fukui Prefecture

      here we go! Go to the sea GO

      For leisure of the family, group, couple's ocean, convenient AYABE ONSEN
    • Ayabe Summer Akari (August)

      Summer Illumination
    • Denpaku Kozo Large Collection

      It is a 20-minute drive from Ayabe Onsen and there is a big park called Mushroom Forest.
      Summer vacation is crowded with families.
    • Maizuru red brick museum

    • Maizuru Bay views.40 minutes by car

    • A swim

      Kanbayashi River

      You can enjoy natural ayu fishing.
      June to October
    • Unkai of Kinosuyama, From October to November

      Guests will guide you by car.

      It is enough beauty to lose words.
    • sea ​​of ​​clouds

      Encounter of a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the sea of ​​clouds that never shows the same expression again
    • Ayabe Momiji Festival(November)

    • Autumn Foliage

    • Sled

      It is very popular every year with families in Kyoto city.
      Sorry's loan(300 yen ~)
    • snowman

    • Ayabe City Bairin Park(Plum Festival March)

    • Cherry Blossoms

    • Atsutomi Mitsumata (Edgeworthia Chrysantha)(March)

    • Megumi Shaga(April)

    • Shihshimizu(April)

    • firefly

    • Fireflies (June Yamato is Happy Island in Ayabe)