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Sightseeing·Surrounding information

Okukyoto · Female journey in autumn · Drive to Mikata Goko Rainbow Line in Fukui Prefecture 40 minutes drive

The photo is Mikata Five Lake Rainbow Line

30 minutes to 40 minutes by car to the tourist area of ​​the sea, convenient negative ion location where both sea and mountain can be tasted

  • National treasure·Komyoji Temple Niomon-Gate

    • We have kept you waiting for the restoration of the year's end has ended. Please come and visit us.

      It is the only national treasure in Beijing capital.
      It is a double structure gate built in the thirteenth century built in the 13th century.
  • Wakasa drive ⇒ 40 minutes by car

    • Fukui prefecture Mikata Five lakes are superb.In autumn women's journey is Okukyoto Ayabe Onsen Saigo.

    • Girls' journey is a cafe, 30 minutes by car while watching the scenery

    • All girls will be healed ~!

    • Love's power spot · lover's sacred place · couple recommended

    • Rainbow line·Lover's holy land key holder··Will love come true?

    • Maizuru lifting memorial hall · Mother's finished!

  • Wrapped in nature · · ·spring·summer·autumn·winter·· · ··

    • Ayabe City Bairin Park(Plum Festival March)

    • Atsutomi Mitsumata (Edgeworthia Chrysantha)(March)

    • Cherry Blossoms

    • Megumi Shaga(April)

    • Shihshimizu(April)

    • Maizuru red brick museum

    • A swim

      Kanbayashi River

      You can enjoy natural ayu fishing.
      June to October
    • firefly

    • Fireflies (June Yamato is Happy Island in Ayabe)

    • 4000 fireworks will fascinate all visitors

      Ayabe Minzuki Festival, fireworks display

      July 28(soil)
      We will pick you up at the minibus for guests staying on the day.
    • Maizuru Bay views.40 minutes by car

    • 30 minutes by car to the sea in Fukui Prefecture

      here we go! Go to the sea GO

      For leisure of the family, group, couple's ocean, convenient AYABE ONSEN
    • Ayabe Summer Akari (August)

      Summer Illumination
    • Denpaku Kozo Large Collection

      It is a 20-minute drive from Ayabe Onsen and there is a big park called Mushroom Forest.
      Summer vacation is crowded with families.
    • Unkai of Kinosuyama, From October to November

      Guests will guide you by car.

      It is enough beauty to lose words.
    • sea ​​of ​​clouds

      Encounter of a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the sea of ​​clouds that never shows the same expression again
    • Autumn Foliage

    • Ayabe Momiji Festival(November)

    • Sled

      It is very popular every year with families in Kyoto city.
      Sorry's loan(300 yen ~)
    • snowman

  • Impression! Late autumn sea of ​​clouds···We will guide you by car of the hotel

    • Ayabe Onsen sea ​​of ​​clouds seen from mountains near Ayabe Onsen

    • Japan Grand Golf Association Certification course, 40 holes, 5 course

    • Grand Golf

      ·Grand Golf Reception
         Morning → Nio Park(As usual)
         Afternoon → AYABE ONSEN

      ·Tennis court reception
         Ayabe Onsen Nio-kan
         ★The racket's loan will cease.
      Tennis, Putter Golf, Grand Golf or Green
      Would you like relaxing reading etc on the bench?

  • Maboroshi-no-Tochinoki (Big Marronnier Tree)

    • It is Toshinoki of 2000 years old.

      It is also chosen as a natural selection of 200 in Kyoto.
      It is a 10-minute drive from Ayabe Onsen and then a 25-minute walk.