Izu Katase Hot Springs/Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source, Private open-air bath inn, Ayumitei, Fukumatsuso
All plan room meals & natural hot springs can be reserved for free!

【Official】Ayumitei Fukumatsuso

Welcome Ayumitei Fukumatsuso

The hotel is a hotel with hospitality of "taste" "hot water" "sea".
It is a heart cooked dish with plenty of local fish.
A natural spring with a soft spring quality is a sour Free-flowing hot spring can be enjoyed many times.
And while listening to the sea breeze and the sound, walking, looking at the night sky · · ·.
We will pick you up at the hospitality of a small inn.

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Ayumitei, Fukumatsuso


53-1 Katase, Higashiizu Town, Kamo County

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6 minutes by car from IZUKYU Izuatagawa Station, Odawara Atsugi Road Odawara Nishi IC from Tomei Atsugi IC and get off at Route 135 for 90 minutes.

Pick up (Please contact us at arrival at Izu-Atagawa Station or Katase-Shirata Station.)
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Surrounding tourism

  • Firefly viewing evening

    A Former prefectural assembly member Kimura family residence "Takegasawa Park" with clear water and a pond, is a natural garden where you can feel the beautiful Japanese seasons.
    This park can feel the time that flows slowly, feeling the breath of the changing season.
    Fireflies dance in the clear stream during the season.

    Venue: Okawa Onsen Takegasawa Park
    Duration: late May to early June

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