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Creative cuisine of local cuisine and taste played by chief chef

Although I am still young, I am studying local ingredients and cuisine and I will make it as much as I can
I will do.Warm incognito.While cherishing the local tradition and cooking law, saying "delicious"
In order to be able to do, I will continue to pursue every day without sparing new quests.
Chief Chef/Masaki Izawa
  • Shinshu Beef

    ~Brand cattle building a solid position in Shinshu~

    Delicate fine sashi is just a work of art.
    The sweetness of the fat and the umami of the meat are excellent.
    In the hotel, you can enjoy shabu shabu where you can taste the fluffy feeling of meat and "Iron-yaki" using lumpy cold hard rock,
    We have the taste of Shinshu Beef taste.
    Shinshu apples skin etc eaten and are brought up, it is said to be "Shinshu Beef" who grew up with apples.
  • Dinner

    Three kinds of cows, the most popular plan at the hotel
  • Breakfast

    I am served breakfast, there are a lot of miso soup.
  • Sanada Rokumonsen Suki Shabu

    The motif of the banner Rokumonsen of Yukimura Sanada, the meat specialties specialty of Shinshu Shinshu Beef,
    Sliced ​​into meat with moderate thickness, special sauce with sukiyaki sauce and hot water
    I will be happy.
    Shinshu Beef's unique sweetness and refreshing juicy marbling finish exquisite taste
    To do.
  • Wine

    Saltweed is very tasty because wine grows deliciously.Please eat meat etc.
  • Sake

    It is a brand of sake that you can drink at our hotel.We have other items as well.