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You can choose from kaiseki cuisine, sukiyaki using Omi Beef, or shabu-shabu.

When making a reservation,Please ask.
(I would like everyone on the same menu.)
Please don't hesitate to contact us, including duck dishes only for the winter season and various hot pot dishes.
(Some days may be required for arrangement of ingredients.Please understand.)
  • Kaiseki Meal

  • Sukiyaki

  • Shabu-Shabu

    • Away plan shabu-shabu

  • One example of kids meal (dinner)

    Prepared for children such as hamburger and tempura in a Shokado Style lunch box.
    Breakfast is for adults.
  • Seta Shijimi Clam

    It is a special dish of Ishiyama that is caught in the Seta River flowing in front of the hotel.
    Shijimi rice for dinner and shijimi soup (miso soup) for breakfast are also very popular.