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Interlaken plantation produces.Cooking content will change according to the purchase at that time.Please enjoy creative cuisine with plenty of local rice and ingredients.

  • One example of winter dinner(6 servings)

    ·Vegetable pot of mushrooms and meat (chicken or pig)
    ·Spring egg salad
    ·Steamed cup of tea
    ·Pickled Vegetables
    ·Mushroom juice

    ※Pot cooking image is an image.Cooking content varies according to the season.
  • One evening meal(Local Cuisine)One case

    ·Regional dish using local ingredients (image)
    ·Fried pork with locally grown vegetables (asparagus, mushrooms etc)
    ·Seasonal salad
    ·Chicken dishes
    ·A supplement of eggplant
    ·Small bowl (simmered potato)
    ·Three kinds of seasons(Chaku-ku·Pickled garlic·Nozawa)
  • One day breakfast

Local ingredients

  • Green asparagus

  • Agricultural product cultivation, Rice

  • Bunashimeji

  • Izumi Nozawa

  • Use processed food using local ingredients for cooking