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I want to feel the same joy as my favorite person.

Cooking of Petit Lapin responds to such feelings.
If they share the same pleasures with each other as "delicious" ...

Why do not you enjoy tasting happiness with important people?

Petit Lapan's Passion

I wanted to do a pension and became a cook, and for the owner's dish which trained from about 20 years old,
There are plenty of passion and feelings of hospitality.

Although it is a course meal using seasonal ingredients and items of the earth, please enjoy it without worrying about table manners.

We relaxedly enjoyed the meal,
Finally, if you say "It was delicious", that is the pleasure of all.
  • Breakfast menu

  • spring·Summer menu

  • autumn·Winter menu

  • Lunch menu "Omurais"

    It is also possible to use meals only. ※Please make a reservation by the day before.
  • Hida Beef

    Hida Beef's grade proof
  • Organic vegetables

    Organic vegetables with local farmer's producer's face visible.
    We will serve you breakfast salad and dinner accompaniment.