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Things to do

●Recommended walking course, Kana Kana beach ⇒ Kanado keama beach ⇒ Palm's fruit monument ⇒ Shimen of Hinode ⇒ Irago shrine ⇒ Rape field vineyard

Tabara City, Aichi Prefecture with its Ryokan Chidori, is located in a place surrounded by lush green Atsumi Peninsula and beautiful sea.Atsumi Peninsula vicinity of the coast facing the Pacific Ocean in the Atsumi Peninsula, the staircase topography is believed to have been the sand carried from the Tenryu River in the past.

Highlights, Chidori's surrounding attractions

  • Recommended walking course, wishes key

    • The key to wish, Koirokanehama

    • Palm fruit monument

    • Shimen of the Sun

    • Irago Shrine

    • Rapeseed field

  • Activity is abundant, fresh strawberry picking, BOATING & FISHING

    In the temperate Atsumi Peninsula, fruit growing is also strong.Spring strawberries, melon in summer, oranges in late autumn, you can enjoy all freshly baked items.
    You can also see how to taste delicious fruits and harvest experience.Also, because it faces the Pacific Ocean, surfing also flourishes.You can also enjoy boating and fishing.It is also popular among families.

    • Cape Irago , Guide signboard

    • Atsumi Sports Park Tahara City, Guide map

    • Santeparku

    • Cape Irago , Guide map

  • Other activities

    • Strawberry Picking(1)

    • Strawberry Picking(2)

    • Santeparc

    • Irago Todaiji Temporary kiln kiln track

    • Atsumi Sports Park Gymnasium in Tahara City

      It is possible to use it for organizations of juvenile baseball or university students.If you wish, please contact us by phone.