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    • Yobuko Morning Market landscape

      Yobuko Morning Market

      From 7 o'clock in the morning ~ around noon If the item is gone, it will be quickly closed.
      The shops that lined up in the store are seafood, squid, horse mackerel and sardines that were captured locally.
      Dried squid, horse mackerel, sardine, seasoning is different by Oba Chan.
      Why do not you try tasting while searching for your favorite taste.

    • Kabe Island, landscape from the hill park where the wind can be seen

      Yobuko Ohashi

      Heisei (time period) Yobuko Ohashi connecting Yobuko and Kabe Island which was opened in 1989 was a Cable Stayed Bridge with a total length of 728 m and the newness was chosen as the 1st 100 Landscapes.
      The sunset over the Yobuko Ohashi seen from the port is one of the landscapes of Yobuko that I want to look at.
    • marinepal-yobuko, Pleasure cruiser Zeela

      marinepal-yobuko(Pleasure boat)

      You can observe the fish swimming naturally around Takashima immediately after leaving Yobuko Port with a whale-shaped semi-submersible boat.
      Experience the mood of underwater walk in the sea of Yobuko!

      ※marinepal-yobuko offer discount tickets for marinepal-yobuko at the inn.Please use it.