Kutsurogijyuku, Chiyotaki
The accommodations at the foot of the mountain featuring the colors of the four seasons ---

【Official】Kutsurogijuku Chiyotaki Inn

Space that makes you feel the Catsle Town of Aizu the day

The hotel is in the highest position in the Kutsurogijyuku, with a magnificent view of the view from the open-air bath you can see Higashiyama Onsen Town,
You can reach the Aizu Basin far away.

From the snowy scenery of the mountains in the valley, fresh green, spectacular autumnal leaves,
Please enjoy the panorama corresponding to the four seasons, the night view of the lights of the city of Aizu · hot spring town.

In addition to the shop corner where you can pick up selected Aizu products,
There are "Local Sake House" which gathered about 30 types of sake of the Aizu brewery.

Within the facility·Facility

  • Library Lounge

    Kutsurogijyuku, we guide "Library Lounge" so that guests of the hotel can spend relaxing time relaxingly.
    You can enjoy self-service drinks such as coffee, tea and herb tea while seeing books and magazines selected by the staff.
  • Local Sake House

    Recommendation of passion!
    We prepared a local pottery called Keizan Pottery, Ruiyaki equipment.Please try with your favorite vessel.
  • Private Bath, "Fumoto Yu"

    Private bathroom with shower / curtain, shampoo etc are also available.

    However, the bathtub has a size of up to 2 people.
    Please enjoy with family and couples with small children!
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【Dining Information】

  • 【Dining Information】

    <Enjoy relaxing sum with calm dining>

    I produced Aizu rashishi and nostalgic atmosphere in the adult space that made passion for lighting and atmosphere.We are also preparing "Shimizu Corner" which is irresistible for drinking.
    Please enjoy "Aizu Traditional Local Menu" with full of charm Japanese style dining.

    <By appointment only>
    ※The dining venue of the hotel is "complete reservation system".If you wish to have dinner, please apply with a plan with dinner.
    Shintaki may guide Dining Yusen as a meal venue for guests staying at Shintaki.
    Note) The meals of groups / organizations guide different venues.

Booking·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.