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Accommodation Features·Facility Information

In-facility facility list

  • Local Sake House

    The hotel boasts of "Local Sake House" that you can enjoy local Aizu sake.
    Fukushima Prefecture is Japan's largest liquor place in Japan, the first gold medal winning award at the National Shuzo Shuwa Kaikai, Japan's best consecutive year.

    There are about 40 brewers in the Aizu Region, the number is about half of the brewery in Fukushima prefecture.
    It is the "Local Sake House" that has more than 30 types of Aizu local sake at all times.

    Because it is within the inn building, you can enjoy many stocks without worrying about the time of return.
    From staff, you can have an opportunity to engage.

    We are preparing the local pottery, Keizan Pottery, Rui-yaki equipment.
    Please try with your favorite vessel.You can enjoy the enjoyment of choosing sake, the pleasure to taste, the fun to talk about, you can feel it.

    Please, please enjoy Aizu's sake to your heart' s content.

    ※Sorry for your inconvenience but we need your help desk to the front desk.

    【Opening Hours】

    20: 30-23: 30, ※Last Order 23: 00


    4F Front desk entrance side
  • Library Lounge

    Kutsurogijyuku, we guide "Library Lounge" so that guests of the hotel can spend relaxing time relaxingly.
    You can enjoy self-service drinks such as coffee, tea and herb tea while seeing books and magazines selected by the staff.

    【Opening Hours】

    15: 00-23: 30, 7: 30 to 11: 00


    4th floor lobby side
  • Private Bath【Fumoto Yu】

    Private bathroom with shower / curtain, shampoo etc are also available.

    However, the bathtub has a size of up to 2 people.
    Please enjoy with family and couples with small children!

    【Utilization time】

    6:00 to 11:00, 13:00 to 24:00(Charted time every 50 minutes)


    2F, Great Bath 'Fumoto Yu', next to

    We will give you the inner key at the front desk.
    Please make a reservation and please come to the front desk at your convenience.
  • shop【Good dream】

    With dream good goods, we have a selection of local souvenirs from Aizu.

    【Opening Hours】

    7: 00-21: 30


    4F next to the front desk
  • Banquet rooms【Yume Yousen】

    Please use it according to various gathering styles such as conference, lecture and seminar.

    ·Accommodates up to 45 people
    ·2 hours -

    ※Reservation required


    From 1 person / 1,000 yen   ※It is a charge when you use for 10 people or more.


    ·wireless microphone(Free)
    ·Whiteboard(2 hours / 1,000 yen to)
    ·projector(2 hours / 5,000 yen to)
    ·screen(2 hours / 2,000 yen to)
    ·DVD player(2 hours / 2,000 yen to)
    ·Coffee etc.(1 person / 500 yen)
  • Dining venue【Kakujo】【Small boy】

    The hotel has two dining venues.

    Japanese dining "Kakujo"

    Dining "Small Master"