Kutsurogijyuku, Chiyotaki
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Dining Information

Dining Information

Japanese style dining, "Kakujo"

  • Japanese style dining, "Kakujo"

    In May 2009, a meal venue Japanese style dining Honmaru "Kakujo" was opened at the Kutsurogijyuku"Chiyotaki".
    Aizu symbol "Tsuruga-jo castle" is a motif, a relaxing atmosphere based on black.

    <By appointment only>
    ※The dining venue of the hotel is "complete reservation system".If you wish to have dinner, please apply with a plan with dinner.

    Chiyotaki may guide dining Kakujo as a meal venue for guests staying at Chiyotaki.
    Note) The meals of groups / organizations guide different venues.
    All interiors are handmade by employees at the Kutsurogijyuku, so it is not "perfect" made by professionals, but Aizu like warmth is felt
  • Dining, Small got up

    Aizu Japanese table room that combines the symbol of Aizu"Tsuruga-jo castle" and the cityscape of the Catsle Town with the goodness of Japanese and Western.