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Spring is a wild vegetable summer fresh vegetables Autumn is mushroom cuisine winter a warm pot

  • Shinshu Local cuisine

    Please enjoy homemade cuisine to serve local cuisine, centered on the delicacies directly brought to the fruit market of the hotel, with "seasonal instruments" "warmth while warm".

    Fruit market direct delivery, Seasonal fresh vegetable dishes
    Although it is not unusual, please also enjoy a dish of "Ougaro's taste" such as "Nigu-jaga".
  • Example of dish

  • It's a small inn so you can do it

    People who are not good at meat (meat, river fish, etc.) and allergy (buckwheat etc.) are available, we will respond within the range we can do, such as another dish change.(Please contact us at the time of reservation)
  • A day party party

    We will accept from 4 people.

    ■Lunch party food cuisine: 10: 00-15: 00
    ■Dinner ceremonial cuisine: from 15:30 to 21:30, reservations are for phone calls or booking reservations.
    Regional gatherings and gatherings of relatives, celebrating kaiseki cuisines such as family birthday celebration, Kiyosaki celebration, etc. "We also accept lawyer cuisine dishes.
    ※The banquet hall will be prepared according to the number of people.Also, people with senior citizens have a dinner table at the chair table seat (reservation required)

    Happy fun with your colleagues!
    Please enjoy the party with pleasant enjoyment with karaoke etc. at a banquet hall of folkish style.