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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Single room

    It is a room that emphasizes simple and functional.
    Compact and easy to use, perfect for business.
    It is also popular for those who stay longer.
    Room rate
    1 person:¥ 8,000(Tax Excluded)
  • A double room

    Heals a tired body with a spacious double bed.
    It is recommended for couples and couples.
    It is perfect for customers wishing to order a room upgraded.Especially for overseas customers, we have received very popular attention.
    Room rate
    2 People:¥ 12,000(Tax Excluded)
  • Twin room

    We have prepared a space to relax with a couple or family.
    It is popular among customers of a wide range of age groups.Guests of repeaters who are using single rooms at work on weekdays are also using this twin room at the weekend as a family meContinue reading
    Room rate
    2 People:From ¥ 14,000(Tax Excluded)
  • Deluxe Twin

    Rooms are spacious and relaxing.
    Spacious with a single bed and a double bed twin type.
    In addition, you can use up to 3 people by using an extra bed,
    It is perfect for your friends and family.
    Room rate
    2 People: From ¥ 16,000(Tax Excluded), 3 People: From ¥ 18,000(Tax Excluded)