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Surrounding tourism

  • Spa Resort Hawaiians

  • Aquamarine Fukushima

    • 20 minutes by car to the Seaside Aquarium Aquamarine!

      Access from the hotel · 20 minutes by car 

      Recommended information! , Because here is a water tank incorporating natural light, if the outside becomes dark the aquarium will also become dark.
      Please enjoy a dramatic time to show various colors from evening to sunset.
  • Shiramizu Amida-do (Ganjoji Temple)

    • Amida Do wrapped in autumn leaves

      Access from the hotel · 20 minutes by car 
      I will teach you a loophole that you can go even if you do not go to the national highway.

      Please note that the 4th Wednesday of every month (the second Wednesday and Thursday in December) is closed.
      Since you can not cross the bridge and enter the precincts, please enjoy the appearance from the walking path around the pond.
      have fun.It is the only national treasure in Fukushima prefecture, it is worth a look.
  • Mt Yunodake

    • Panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from Mt Yunodake Peak

      Access from the hotel · 10 minutes by car 

      Iwaki's hidden night view spot you know.Go up to the top of the mountain by car and walk to the observation deck
      You can see the night view of Iwaki.A romantic overnight to you!
  • Iwaki FC Park

    • Iwaki FC Park

      Japan's first commercial-apartmented clubhouse with unique shops, including facilities and restaurants and shops used by the soccer team "Iwaki FC"
    • Shioyazaki Lighthouse seen from the sea

      Access from the hotel · 30 minutes by car 
      From the hotel to Ena by prefectural road

      Shioyasaki, famous for the "Midaregami" of Hibari Misora.
      There is also a monument in the park under the lighthouse, and there is music of the Midaregami.
      It flows.