New chapel by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma Tsuji
Kujukushima Bayside Hotel and Resort Flags
"The most beautiful bay in the world"Kujukushima island of superb view

【Official】Kujukushima Bayside Hotel and Resort FLAGS

It is only here, but waiting.

A coastline that is complicated and intricate.More than 200 islands nurture a rich ecosystem National Park Kujukushima.
There is FLAGS on the FLAGS within walking distance to Kujukushima.

West Coast of the United States relaxing space that reminds you of a resort on the West Coast of the United States of the West Coast of the United States.
Gentle time flowing there.
Hospitality that has been cultivated in this place.
Everything about hospitality is here.

Many people visit Kujukushima because this is the only place.
In hospitality modeled on Kujukushima full of "charm of here alone"
We will welcome everyone.

Restaurant / Restaurant

  • Kujukushima Chikusai

    Kujukushima Chikusai, 1F / Creative Japanese cuisine·Teppanyaki

    Teppanyaki which baked the seasonal ingredients carefully selected by craftsmen's attention in front of customers.Japanese cuisine backed by Japanese technology.We will offer the best "time" and "taste".

    THE ONE, 1 F / Mediterranean Sea Restaurants

    Open feeling of open terrace.An open kitchen full of live feeling that the lively atmosphere of the kitchen is transmitted.It is a Mediterranean Sea restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Napoli pizza baked in stone kiln.

Wedding / Wedding

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