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Surrounding tourist information

  • Saikai National Park Kujuku Island a tourist base for the churches World Heritage Candidate Island.

    FLAGS is a convenient place to access the sightseeing base in the north of Nagasaki Prefecture.
    It is also ideal for traveling around churches in Nagasaki prefecture, which is a candidate for world heritage.
    • Saikai National Park Kujuku Island

      208 islands that 25 kilometers north of Sasebo Port to Hirado Seto are called Kujuku Islands, and the density of the island is the highest in Japan.
      It is designated as Saikai National Park along with the Hirado Islands and the Goto Islands,
      The beautiful landscape woven by the blue sky and the sea, green islands is one of the best spectacular spots in the whole country.

      Set in the Saikai National Park Kujukushima, a sea resort facility with pleasure boats, yacht sailing, sea kayaking, aquariums and more.
      It is a sightseeing spot that you can enjoy both couples and families.
      Oyster Festival is also held in autumn and winter.
    • Kujukushima Cruising

      Cruising to go sandwichingly between the islands.
      There are regular daytime flights over the blue sea and green islands, and sunset Cruise only for the period when you see the beautiful sunset over Kujuku Islands.
      On April 1, 2015, Japan's first electric propulsion pleasure boat, the Kujukushima Pirate Pleasure Cruise Mirai will debut.
    • Kujukushima Aquarium Sea Kirara

      A community-based aquarium dedicated to reproducing the rich ecosystem of Kujuku Islands.
      At the dolphin show which is held three times a day, jumping catch balls of dolphins who can only be seen here are showing off.
    • Kujukushima Zoo & Botanical Garden Mori Kirara

      Lions, Indian elephants, Taishu Horse, gibbons, and lesser pandas live,
      Animal and botanical garden with dome type greenhouse which can enjoy 500 subtropical plants.
      A 3-storey penguin hall with a ceiling tank of the largest scale in Japan (total length 80 m) is also popular.
    • Huis Ten Bosch Resort

      Huis Ten Bosch comprehensive resort facility where many events are held throughout the year.
      It is a tourist facility that represents West Kyushu.
      FLAGS is also home to many guests who enjoy sightseeing in Huis Ten Bosch.
    • Funakoshi View Place (Kujukushima Observatory)

      Because the altitude is the lowest in the observatory in the Kujukushima Hakkei,
      Kujuku Islands is close to your eyes and you can enjoy a powerful view.
      Kujuku Islands seen from here is as beautiful as a sumi-e on rainy days.
      You can enjoy the beautiful Kujuku Islands any weather.
    • Ishidake Observatory

      Close more sea than Yumihari Mount in the observatory which is at an altitude of 191m Ishidake summit, a great place to view the Kujuku Islands
      View from here is a 360 degree view, many professional photographers visit pros, amateurs to the power of the islands they desire.
    • Tenkaiho

      It is an observation deck that is famous as a place where the Kujukushima Southern Part can be seen more beautifully.
      In the park near the observatory, rape blossoms in the spring and cosmos in the autumn bloom,
      It is crowded with many people every year.

      ※There is an observation deck where we walked about 100 M from the parking lot.
    • Nagao Peninsula

      It is a park that you can enjoy from overland, even in Saikai National Park with many islands.
      It is also considered for wheelchairs and you can watch rare Sasebo flowers.
      It is ideal for walking course surrounding the hotel.