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  2. About infectious disease measures

About infectious disease measures

All employees will take the following infection prevention measures.

  • We will take measures to prevent infection in accordance with the "Novel Coronavirus Response Guidelines for Accommodation Facilities".
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as a measure to prioritize the safety and security of our customers and reduce the risk of infection to other customers and employees.
  • 【1】Disinfectant installation
    ・Alcohol disinfection is installed in this facility.

    【2】About cleaning
    ・Guest room doorknob,TV set,Air conditioning remote control,Disinfection of room lighting switches
    ・WC,Disinfection around water
    ・handrail,Disinfection of places that are often touched
    ・Kids space,Facilities such as lounge,Disinfection of cartoon library
    ・Large Communal Bath,Disinfection in the dressing room
     *All rooms are ventilated 24 hours a day.

    【3】Request for hand washing
    ・We ask that you voluntarily wash your hands.

    【Four】Request to wear a mask
    ・Please wear a mask when moving around the facility.(While the employee is working, we will treat you by wearing a mask.)
     Also, please cooperate in securing a social distance from other customers.