【Official】Putit Hotel Fromage

A place to eat genuine Izu cuisine

The cat is also amazingly delicious, boiled secret kimme sea bream fisherman.

Fromage's Izu cuisine, "Japanese Spiny Lobster", "Kimme Snapper", "Abalone" if it is a dish ..., Putit Hotel Fromage


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Putit Hotel Fromage


Shitaoka prefecture Ito city Hachiman 1236-12

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Take a train to Izu Kogen Station get off at the Izu Kogen Station.Car to turn right turn right Re climbing area guide version of the previous Sarashina enter the national highway No. 135 Ikeiriguchi Traffic Signal
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Happiness with Your Cat Photo Contest

  • Wait for the best shot!

    Please send me a piece of favorite taken with Nomanko from Ourage by e - mail.

    Choose excellent work under rigid judges and give a free one night accommodation voucher to the winner!  

    ※Please be sure to call the entrance with explanation of notes! ※ Tel: 0557-51-1133

I love cats! Award 300 yen, great deals with cat Hiroshi Ticket plan

  • Cat Museum Ticket plan

    I wanted to talk with a cat who likes the same cats as a big cat lover owner, this plan became.
    It is a popular cat museum with tickets.

    From Y 16,200

Souvenir corner

  • Since there are many requests and repeat orders, we opened a souvenir corner

    ●Black sesame dressing:A cup of sesame

    ●Almond butter cookie: Savory crunchy almond and butter☆

    ●Cocoa Cookie: Succulent sweet chocolate cooked into the finish, authentic scented high school!

    ●Caramel cookie: Caramel spread and cinnamon, finished rich in flavor.

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