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  2. 1F floor

1F floor

  • Layout of FROMAGE - Ground floor -

    Steer way continuing from the center of the large entrance to the second floor

    A little wider guest room across the sweet room

    Family bath that can enjoy two baths

    I am putting it up with a feminine touch that heals a traveler.
  • Dining Room

    Wick cloth of chic pattern.Italian chair with a comfortable fit.You can relax and eat in the bright and spacious dining room.
  • Bath Room(Chamber family bath)

    There are two types of bathtubs on the mosaic pattern floor.You can enjoy Tsubosan from the back of the bath.Do not drink alcohol! you know.
    Reservation time for each room is as follows.

    1. 16: 00-16: 50
    2. 16: 50 to 17: 40
    3. 17: 40 to 18: 30

    Four. From 20: 10 to 21: 00
    Five. 21:00 to 21:50
    6. 21:50 to 22:40
    7. 22: 40-23: 30

    From 23:30 to the next morning until 8:00, please use freely if you are free.

Hot Springs

Ito Hot Springs

Private Bath


Bath Terms of Use

Private bath: From 16: 00 to every 50 minutes until 23: 30 Private room for each room (reserved upon arrival)
From 23:30 to 8:00 in the morning free if you are free.

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.

Source name

Tsushima 25 go, Calcium sulfate hot spring