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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a bad leg, so a banquet room ...

    In the case of a banquet room, guests who have a bad leg will experience great pain.
    Therefore, we will prepare a high chair.
    (Please note tContinue reading
  • Is there rental of children's products such as baby chairs?

    The facility offers free rental of Bumbo, baby chairs, diapers, etc.
    Please note that the number is limited.
  • About normal child price setting

    For children of elementary school, the adult price is 70% of the adult price, and when the infant is a kids meal for dinner, the adult priceContinue reading
  • About private family baths

    This property has a private family bath.If you would like to use it, please feel free to ask at the front desk.
  • Summer production! About bathing

    We will keep your car and luggage before check-in (from 15:00).Change clothes
    Since the large public bath is being cleaned, you can change cContinue reading
  • Access from JR Yonago Station

    JR Yonago Station to Kaike Onsen, take a taxi or take a local bus.For a taxi, it takes about 15 minutes and costs about 2,000 yen.If you takContinue reading
  • About the hotel and parking lot

    The hotel and the parking lot are equipped with a space for about 30 cars.(All are parked in the blue sky) We often receive inquiries from mContinue reading
  • What time is check-in / check-out?

    Check In    From 15:00
    Check-out time is 10:00.

    We will keep your luggage (excluding valuables) if you arrive early or after you check out.Continue reading
  • Is the large communal bath free flowing (onsen)?

    The large public bath located on the top floor of the 8th floor of the hotel is free flowing (water).
    The hot spring from the source is hot,Continue reading
  • What are the equipments and amenities guest room?

    In the guest room, we basically have Yukata, Tanzen (only in winter), bath towel and face towel.
    Regarding amenities, we have dryer, toothbrContinue reading
  • Can you keep my luggage with me?

    Room information will be available from 15:00, so we will be able to store your luggage until then.
    In addition, we handle courier service aContinue reading
  • Is it possible to stay with a pet?

    The number of people who bring cute pets to their cars is increasing, but we are very sorry but we cannot stay with pets.
    We will introduce Continue reading
  • Are there amenities such as a large bath?

    There are hair dryers, combs, and cotton swabs for men and women, lotion, hair treatment, etc. in the women's bath, and shaving, shaving foaContinue reading
  • Is there a second party venue?

    Up to 40 people can be accommodated on the first floor of the hotel
    There is "Roman Club".(From 20:00)

    Basically @ 3,500 yen / 90 minutes DContinue reading

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.