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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Change to Kansai Airport bus stop "S-12"

    ◆Kansai Airport → To hotel Free reservation bus◆The bus stop has changed!

    Kansai Airport Bus Stop "S-11" →→→【S-12】

    *Kansai Airport TerminaContinue reading
  • For passengers departing to Korea / Taiwan by Peach flights

    7:50 Departure Peach to Korea Free bus from hotel 5:40 Arrive at Kanku (Kansai Airport) 5:55 Meet Terminal 2
    7:50 Departure from Taiwan to TContinue reading
  • Peach from Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan returns late at night ... How about a transfer?

    Peach from Hong Kong arrives at Kanku (Kansai Airport) airport 22:15 Shuttle bus 22:50 or 23:50
    Peach from Taiwan arrives at Kanku (Kansai AContinue reading
  • I want to go to Kanku (Kansai Airport) until 5:30 am!

    I want to go to Kanku (Kansai Airport) until 5:30 am!

    Departs from Izumisano Station on the Nankai Main Line 5:20 on weekdays and arrives aContinue reading
  • Peach Aviation Kanku (Kansai Airport) → Sapporo / Okinawa 7:00 Boarding OK!

    Kanku (Kansai Airport) → Sapporo / Okinawa bound for 7:00

    5:40 departure from hotel 5:55 arrival at Kanku (Kansai Airport) Terminal 2

    It'sContinue reading
  • About parking fee "Ordinary car" 540 yen is required

    The hotel parking lot is a paid parking lot.

    Regular car 540 yen per night, medium-sized car 2160 yen
    Large car 3260 yen

    We appreciate youContinue reading
  • Are domestic flights departing at 6:30 and 7:00 in time? ?

    Departure from the hotel 5:40!  12 minutes to Kanku (Kansai Airport)! Straight line without traffic!

    You can always guide us (^^) Please reContinue reading
  • Real-time reservations are possible at the reserved hot spring "free time information"!

    Private hot spring "free time information" ↓ ↓ ↓

    The floor is tatami mContinue reading
  • Can I reserve a private bath on the day other than the plan with a private bath?

    Reservation is given priority, and private baths can be reserved.

    Same-day reservations are OK for plan other than private bath accommodatiContinue reading
  • 10:00 am to 19:00 evening,Chinese available

    11:00 am to 19:00 evening,Chinese available
  • I have a small child ... Is there a Meal served in room

    Japanese + Western room only for 2 people
    "“In room meal"Plan" is available!

    Our most popular one is "Shoku no Goto-ryu + α sashimi boat seContinue reading
  • Equipped with a shuttle bus to Kansai Airport Terminal 2!

    Kansai Airport"Terminal 2"
    Free shuttle bus service!

    ■From Hotel → Kansai Airport"Terminal 2" →『Terminal 1]

    Approximately 15 minutes to SaContinue reading
  • What is the nearest station? Can you walk?

    Izumisano Station is the closest station to the hotel!

    About 1.2 km, 12 minutes walk.
    50 calories!  Draft beer is about small(^^)

  • What is "tatami bath" of private bath? How do you feel

    The floor of the bath is a soft "tatami".

    A special tatami mat "washable tatami mat" is spread all over the floor!
    It feels good on the skiContinue reading
  • Is there a "convenience store" nearby?

    ★Convenience store information★
    2 within 5 minutes on foot
    There is Thanks and 7-Eleven!

    Other 4 taverns within a 10-minute walk
    ■Third plaContinue reading
  • Rinku Premium Outlet★Shoes and suits are ◎◎◎

    Near the hotel! Did you go to Rinku Premium Outlet?

    10% to 20% OFF discount coupon sheets are being distributed at the front desk!

    If you Continue reading
  • Convenient for staying before and after Kanku (Kansai Airport)! Free car storage for up to 14 days

    Have you decided on a summer trip?

    Depart from Kansai Airport! I have a small child ...
    Luggage is heavy ... Departure is early ...

    After Continue reading
  • I'm going from Osaka ...

    Hanshin Expressway / Bayshore Route - Izumisano-minami Exit
    Turn left at the very first traffic light and go straight for 1.5 km

    →TContinue reading
  • Do you have a private family bath? How much is the price?

    Private family bath for 1000 yen per hour
    We are accepting reservations!

    First-come, first-served basis
    From 15:00 to 16:00 / 16:00 to 17:0Continue reading
  • Can you pick me up at Kansai Airport? Will you send it again?

    Between Kansai Airport and hotel there are free regular busese operating.

    ◆Kansai Airport → To hotel◆
    15: 45/16: 45/17: 45/18: 45/19: 45/20Continue reading
  • I'm planning to drive ...Is it easy to understand? What is the highway exit?

    There are hotel parking lots, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    You can park 40 ordinary cars and 2 sightseeing buses.

    About 30 minutes from Osaka city

    ◆HanshContinue reading
  • Spaghetti specialty store★Kamaage Goemon★

    "Goemon" opens 12 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It's a specialty store, so it's GOOD!
  • How big is the room? I like a large room!

    If you want a large room, don't hesitate to select "Japanese + Western room"!

    3 beds + Japanese room 6 square meters Triple Japanese room +Continue reading
  • Is a restaurant available? Do I need an appointment?

    Basically, priority is given to "half-board" customers.

    Only seats can be reserved, so when using the hotel restaurant

    !! Please use it.
  • Banquet hall renovation★The stone waist wall is fashionable!

    The chair table banquet hall is fashionable!

    The stone waist wall is luxurious!

    Charter is OK for 2 to 32 people

    !! Please contact us.
  • Is there a tavern nearby?

    8 minutes walk to charcoal grill "Yakitori Daikichi"

    The yakitori grilled right in front of you is ◎!
    The cold beer is delicious!

    We are oContinue reading
  • Is there a charge for the hotel parking lot? Will you write the receipt separately?

    Parking fee is 525 yen for a regular car 2 days and 1 night
    Medium size 7 mail or more 1050 yen
    Oversized car 12 meters 2100 yen

    I have recContinue reading
  • How big is the room?

    Single (= semi-double) bed width 140cm x length 220cm, size 16㎡(Including UB and closet)
    Twin bed width 100 cm x height 200 cm x 2  Area 16㎡Continue reading
  • I want to use a restaurant ...It's a great deal with half board ◎

    In Season Now! Abalone steamed

    Please give me a quick bite!

    Steamed abalone and rice with abalone『Abalone Gozen]
    Because it is a cooking mContinue reading
  • Rain···Can you pick me up at a nearby station?

    Nankai Main Line / Izumisano Station
    JR Hineno Station
    JR Rinku Town Station

    Please call after arrival at the station from 15:00 to 22:00
    WContinue reading

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.