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Banquet pack

In-house limited★With private hot spring◆If you get lost this◆Shoku no Goto-ryu Plan◆Very satisfied with the gorgeous kaiseki cuisine! Dinner for 2 people is Meal served in room

  • Non-smoking★Japanese-Western style room★Dinner Included★6sqm room with warm feeling massage chair

    The size of the room is 27 square meters of Japanese and Western rooms.High-speed internet that can be used both wired and wireless can be connected free of charge.All rooms are equipped with bath and washlet.The room is spacious and satisfying.
    There are fully equipped with FUJIIRYoKI's latest thermal massage chair.
    【Facilities and amenities equipment of the room】26-inch LCD TV,Terrestrial digital,Bathtub,Air conditioning,Equipped with an empty refrigerator.yukata,bath towel,Hand towel,Hot spring towel,Original drawstring,Tea set,Electric pot,Hairdryer,Comb,toothbrush,Shaving,Cotton set,shampoo,rinse,Body soap,Tel,Security safe,Closet equipped
  • [plan content]
    ≪Your site is the best deal! Limited to own site≫

    Industry quake! Shoku no Goto-ryu Plan!

    Private bath for 1 hour with own site only (first come, first served)!

    With colorful yukata to choose
    Would you like to enjoy a moody time on a yukata date?
    He or she is different from usual! One colorful yukata to rent out for rent!

    Introducing FUJIIRYoKI's latest massage chair + a relaxing moment in a Western-style room ...


    5 main dishes◆Japanese Black Beef "Abalone" Snow Crab◆Japanese Spiny Lobster◆Seasonal cooked rice

    The multi-course kaiseki cuisine lined with gorgeous cuisine in front of you is worth a visit!

    Live abalone burned as it is! Kunekune dancing abalone is a proof of freshness
    A squeeze of lemon juice is Kanku Onsen Style!

    A4 rank marbled Japanese black beef using carefully selected parts
    Melting taste! The Kanku Onsen Style is served with Himalayan rock salt!

    Steamed full body zuwai crab
    Anyway, the taste of the ingredients is sweet!

    Japanese Spiny Lobster is served with an original white sauce and grilled in a gratin style!

    "Kamameshi" cooked on the spot is freshly made!

    Seasonal Kamameshi goes great with red juice!

    *Dinner menu for elementary school students is Japanese and Western
    ・3 appetizers, tempura platter, in-house hamburger, sashimi platter, red juice, white rice, pickles, dessert

    *Infants are kids meal
    ・Mini udon, potato fries, wiener, fried food, rice ball, fruit, dessert, orange juice

    Accommodation ...

    Room type is designated as "Japanese + Western style"! All rooms are equipped with massage chairs!
    Fully equipped with Plasmacluster& air cleaner with humidification function!

    When using 2 people...Meals in Room!
    When 3 to 4 people are used...Restaurant food! (Reservation required for private rooms)

    The hot springs are ...

    ■A private hot spring bath is free for 1 hour! I am making a reservation on a first-come, first-served basis!
    From 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
    From 22:00, from 23:00, from 24:00, from 25:00, from 26:00
    Please make a reservation by phone.

    33 Japanese and Western dishes! Side dish main
    You might end up eating too much !?

    A hot spring closer than a distant hot spring!

    As of 2018.1 Word-of-mouth Evaluation Bath Division 4.3 Dinner 4.5