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Please enjoy the dishes that bring out the taste of the material

Ise Shrimp cuisine that the chief chef finishes with the deliciously selected ingredients of Ise Shima such as Ise Shrimp, Abalone, Anori Fugu, Matsuzaka-beef etc. is a delicious taste featuring eating.
Please, have a time of bliss.

The finest material of beautiful country Ise Shima is certified as Mie brand

  • Ise Shrimp, Season: autumn·winter

    Ise Shrimp which has long been an ancestor for longevity celebrating longevity from a long beard and bent figure.
    A distinctive sweetness and texture of mouthfeel, a rich taste of miso is a food ingredient just to call "champion".Shima Straits is the best fishing ground where abundant nutrition that carries the Kuroshio fosters seafood.
    Here is the reason why Ise Shrimp this area is called Japan's best.Ise Shrimp Fishery is from October to April
  • Anori Fugu, Limited Time Only

    Natural tiger fruits weighing more than 700 grams that are caught in the waters between the Enshu Nada and Kumano Nada Enshu Nada including Ise Bay, which is taken from the Shima Country Fishery Association's Anori ( Anori ) Fishing Port, so "Anori Fugu" It is called.Dusty chewing If you chew, you will feel the taste bleeding as much as you chew, "tight" if you taste the body of Hokuhoku "tightly", delicious deep-fried to the juicy bone, and finally the frog's taste condensed cooked dishes ...Anori Fugu unique flavor, which tightened the body.Let's taste high-quality natural tiger puffer (the Anori Fugu to fully!

    Anori FuguFishing takes place from October to February
  • Matsuzaka Beef

    Fluent materials that you can melt on your tongue!
    Matsuzaka-beef produced under a clear definition is praised from the world as "art of meat".Local wagyu beef can be tasted in the land, pleasure of traveling.
    Juicy gravy spreading at the crouching moment, a delicious umami that bleeds over the melting fat ....

    Because it is a simple steak, it is a gem that can be tasted.
  • Abalone, Season: spring·summer

    The Shima Peninsula is the largest sea lady in Japan.However, in recent years the reduction of abalone, the biggest prey of the maiden, has become serious.
    It is customary to set time limits for fishing or to return to the sea in short.
    I try to protect the resources so that the sex ladies do not take too much.
    Please enjoy delicious "abalone" which the sea lady takes with the life.Abalone fishing is from April to September
  • Matoya Oyster

    Matoya Bay is rich in plankton and nutrient rich seawater.
    The oysters cultured there are sweet and strongly nutritious.It has been purified for over 18 hours with seawater sterilized by ultraviolet rays, so you can enjoy it safely and with confidence.Matoya Oyster shipment from October to March
    ※Seasonal period between us November to around February
    We are preparing.I will get it by advance reservation.
  • No. 1 specialty Hamajima-yaki

    Nostalgia like time has stopped.It is a cozy space that makes you feel like staying at home for a long time.
    There is a Ama's Hut ( Amago-ya ).Ama-san bake and eat the abalone and savage that we could catch while the woman warmed up from the sea at the fire place.Flowers bloom in my favorite chat around the fire place.
    Dining Ro-an will demonstrate Ama-no-hibayaki of the Ama-no-hibayaki Dining Ro-an / banquet room / room.
    • Geiboso Traditional cuisine style is local cuisine based on simple dishes of fishermen and sea ladies

  • Exquisite Mie brand

    In Mie prefecture, there are high product capabilities that are acceptable throughout the country, prefectural products leading to prefectural image improvement and businesses involved in production or manufacturing are certified as "Mie brand" and information is distributed nationwide "Mie Brand Certification System"was founded.
    • The finest material of beautiful country Ise Shima is certified as Mie brand

"It is my pleasure that you can enjoy Shima's marine life that the gods loved!"

  • Chief Chef, Ken Nakajima

    I have been Meiji's Well Established Ryokan Geibo-sen to be Meiji's Well Established Ryokan Geibo-sen in Meiji's Well Established Ryokan Geibo-sen since March 2010.Here Shima is a treasure house of the sea where we met everything from features such as Ise Shrimp and abalone loved by the gods of Ise from old times, to far-western objects.
    I am, this born and raised pleasure to cook rice mind the best of Umiko this Shima natural nurtured in Shima, and happy moment is the best of which gets a "delicious!" To customers as "I wish I had come!" Your voice is.From now on, we will continue to strive to create the culinary that draws the taste of the ingredients by identifying the best materials.
    On the day of the visit, I will express my heart of hospitality with taste, packing and directing., Please appreciate.