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Hot Springs

"Your skin became slippery! And hot water of reputation.

Heals the tiredness of travel with fresh sea breeze and warmth of hot water

An outdoor bath with outstanding openness that sea can be seen, a whale object with a popular view made of marble.
The scenery looking while being immersed in good quality alkaline simple hot spring is the Yuhi that seamounts the seamount in orange and the sky full of sky.
Ise Shima southernmost tip, you can experience the healing power which the nature of Hamajima weaves.
  • Tsubasu-no-yu Pacific Ocean View Outdoor bath

    A view of the sea that changes facial expressions in the morning.The hot springs looking at the sea right in front of you are as if they were united with the ocean.The azure sea brings back a calm heart.Please spend a wonderful holiday like a sea full of mind.The view from the Pacific Ocean under the eyes The outdoor bath has a large panorama of 160 degrees.
    As the name of "Geiboso" suggests, whales can be seen off the coast till the beginning of Showa (time period), you can look far to the far side of the Pacific Ocean.If it is wrapped in a beautiful sight of the horizon and the coastline that go on forever, it seems as if it was united with the ocean ....

    Spring Quality Enjoy the warmth of Hamajima Onsen and the refreshing seasonal wind.
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    Yuhi setting in the Pacific Ocean spreading in front of you, looking at the sky full of sky sparkling overhead

  • 3F Perspective Bath Whale Nozawa(Hot Spring Permission Mie Prefecture Directive No. 10-11)

    Hamajima Onsen 3F
  • Jacuzzi bus sparkle

    Jacuzzi bath which bright and spacious space spreads.Please spend a pleasant moment while looking at the majestic ocean that is close to eye.

    Hamajima Onsen, 3F
  • 5F Perspective Bath Whale Nozawa(Hot Spring Use Permit Mie Prefecture Directive No. 10-39)

    Alkaline hot water is known as hot water for beautiful skin that turns your skin moist and moist.
    While looking at the Pacific Ocean spreading in front of you, please extend your arms and legs and relax relieve the tiredness of your journey.

    Hamajima Onsen, 5F
  • Private bathroom view bath namika

    You can enjoy the rich natural scenery of the Pacific Ocean (Kumano Nada · Kii Peninsula).
    Loose 5 to 6 people can enter.The fragrance of the tree will heal both the mind and the body.

    Relaxing bathtub Bathing rising salon "Namihana"

    Usage fee
    Loose bathtub Bathing salon with "Namihana" ¥ 3,000(tax excluded)(45 minutes)
  • Private bathroom sioka

    Bath that produced a fantastic space by indirect lighting of light water surface!
    Miwa Miyagawa Mura cut out thinned wood and yoshino-sugi flooring Musou Window, it is an atmosphere full of nostalgia.

    "Shio-no-ka" where the scent of wood heals the mind

    Usage fee
    The scent of wood heals the mind "Shio-no-ka" ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) (45 minutes)
  • Private, Stone Sauna, nagisa

    The healing stone spa does not expect excessive sweating due to high temperature and high humidity like the conventional bedrock bath.It is a low-temperature healing sauna that lies on the warmed stone warmed, it is not breathless like a sauna or a bath for a long time, and the natural power of the stone itself can be taken in to the back of the body.
    Hot spring bath hours
    From 14:00 to 22:00
  • Amenities

    We are preparing shampoo and cosmetics of high quality Aromasse series in full set.
    It is healed both mentally and physically with fragrance of hinoki and aroma shampoo · Botisorpe.

    Use Aroma Esse series

    ·Body soap
    ·Moisture lotion
    ·Moisture milk
    ·Liquid cleansing
    ·Cleansing Wash
    ·Hair essence
    ·Body Lotion
    ·Aqua balance refresh
    ·Aqua balance clear & cool
    ·Aqua balance styling form software

    Baby also relieved
    Baby bed and bath chair are standard equipment

    Baby bed, bath chair, bathrobe toy
    Because it is equipped as standard, so at ease
    Enjoy a private bath with a baby!

Hotspring Information

Alkaline simple hot spring

Nansei Sakurayama Onsen·Warming·Circulation filtration formula


Neuralgia/Hemorrhoid/Recovery after illness/Arthralgia/Muscle painful neuralgia/A bunch/Coldness


shampoo·rinse·Body Soap·Shower cap·A razor·A comb·Cosmetics·Hairdryer· Swab