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Information on meals

Information on meals

  • Kuroge Wagyu beef lava plate grill party meal dish

    Kuroge Wagyu beef with a plate using Aso's lava!
    Please enjoy the taste of fine meat quality.
  • Old pork soymilk shabu-shabu pot hot-spring party meal

    Fleshy super brand pig which cleared the strict criteria of Kumamoto prefecture, Hako Sakae We will make soybean shabu-shabu cuisine meal
    Shabu-shabu's dead is made of risotto with remaining soup ...♡
  • Gokodake Kaiseki Cooking plan

    Including extravagant materials such as horse sashimi, Kuroge Wagyu beef and Japanese Spiny Lobster and various food ingredients for each season Gifudake Kaiseki cuisine is upgraded
    I hope you enjoy the items of the cuisine with the spirit of Louisanto.
  • Beef pot plan

    It is a cowpea made with shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki which is eaten with soy sauce based soup stocked slowly with bonito and kelp.Special horseshoe sticks are also attached.
    Harassment this? ! And the amount of meat on the fly!
    And the beef pot that assorted the seasonal vegetables abundantly is the chef of our hotel!
  • Baby breakfast

    It is an example of breakfast for children under elementary school age.
  • Dinner for infants

    It is an example of dinner for children under elementary school age.