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BBQ fashionably using natural ingredients

It is also the real pleasure of Grand Ping that making your own dinner while surrounded by nature.


  • Luxury ingredients!

    • Luxurious Steak BBQ & Buiya - Base Pot

      Steak food ingredients

      Beef fillet, outside skirt of dry-aging beef, Beef tongue, (wasabi, black pepper, rock salt, yuzu pepper) please enjoy.

      Bouilla - based ingredients

      A luxurious hot pot with plenty of seafood such as Bouilla-based hot pot, whale fish and the like using the whole shrimp!

      Dessert after meals

      Chocolat, Baumkuchen, gelato after soup shop Chocolat Cafe, Baumkuchen Cafe luxurious dessert!

While enjoying BBQ, you can enjoy bonfire camp flyers as well!

  • Bonfire in Grand Ping cottage, Camp hairier(^ ^!!

    There is space to relax while drinking wine in the Camp Huya Garden area.
    The night view is full of sky stars and comfortable wind, please spend extraordinary time.