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Things to do

Please enjoy the abundant activities of Minakami.

Outdoor experience and accommodation satisfaction exciting plan!

Outdoor rafting in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture is a famous spot in the world.
Recommended for those who want to experience both the accommodation and the outdoor if you play anyway Rafting accommodation pack!
It is a fun tour where children can participate.
At Riverstone, we operate a facility where you can experience outdoor experiences so we will guide you about the rafting experience without moving.

Outdoor pack

◆Dinner staying in a newly built cottage surrounded by rafting experiences and fresh green in Minakami Town and enjoying luxury BBQ rich Grand Ping style!

Because the inside of the premises has become an Asian taste atmosphere and campfire can be done in the facility, it is extremely popular with children!
Those who are less than elementary school students will be free of charge and we are offering profitable services to our families.
  • Half day rafting experience

    ~About rafting half-day experience~
    Rafting is a water sports which rides a large rubber boat of eight people, rows a paddle with power together and goes down the torrent.(Customer 7 people guide 1 person)
    For the boat rafting tour, a river guide will be on board for each boat, and before rally guide you will learn how to ride and how to row.It is a place where you can enjoy an exciting river full of thrills!
    ~About accommodation~
    You can stay by renting one newly built cottage.
    Kitchen, toilet with washlette, bathroom are equipped in the cottage.

    ~About accommodation less than elementary school student~
    Accommodation for children under elementary school age is free.
    If you are adding a meal
    • Rafting with great power

      Grand Ping Camp 2 Nights 2 BBQ Breakfast Included Plus Canyoning Half Day Experience! Up to 8 people

      Minakami Rafting Half Day Experience and Luxury BBQ (BBQ) + RiverStone Accommodation Camping Pack with Breakfast.
      ~Participation condition~
      ·Elementary school student ~ 70 years old
      ●Even if you are a first-time guest, you can enjoy rafting and enjoy it with confidence
      Also, it is possible for children to participate, and do not get over the big wave, but please enjoy with your family in family.
  • Canyoning half-day experience

    ~About canyoning half-day experience~
    Slide the natural water slider from the rock which was cut by the water current and play,
    You can jump into a big natural pool and swim and enjoy a sense of unity and thrill with nature
    River Sports is a canyoning!
    Please try experiencing exhilaration that you can only experience on Minakami canyoning!
  • SUP Tour

    • You can experience from a small group!

      SUP of topics Will not you experience SUP a lake on the Minakami?

      【SUP Tour Minakami Course】

      Stand Up Paddle (SUP)?
       Ride on top of the large surfboard, is the water sports to promote rowing on Minakami
      It's a new sensation activity that is growing in popularity rapidly both domestically and internationally!
      Cruising relaxedly on the water as well as get on the waves, if you get used to it
      You can also race with friends!
      There is also a fitness effect by balancing on an unstable boat.
      Regardless of gender and age group, there is no doubt that you can enjoy it for a wide range of generations!

      ◆Participation condition
      12 years old(Middle school students)~ 70 years old
      ·Free pickup from the nearest station (Jomokogen Station, Minakami Station)※Reservation required