【Official】Ogawa Hot Springs Motoyu Hotel Ogawa

Hotel Facilities

  • Front desk / lobby

    While watching the coloring of the season reflected on the river surface, it leises more relaxedly than usual ...
  • Ryotei Fu, small hiroma【Hanakomichi】

    The perfect private banquet hall for private gatherings is perfect for relaxing with unfriendly fellows.
    We are preparing 4 rooms with Komakusa, Suzuran, Rindo and Mountain lily.
    You can use it as a dining place for your banquet and accommodation.
  • Dining Hall【Kajikatei】

    We are doing our meals and breakfast buffet at the table.
    Breakfast is buffet or Japanese set meal.

    【Breakfast time】
    From 4/1 to 11 / the end from 7: 00 to 9: 00
    From 12 / Jan to the end of March, from 7:30 to 9:00
    ※Depending on the number of people staying, it may be OPEN from 7:00.
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Hotel Name

Touring five hot springs Ogawa Onsen Motoyu Hotel Ogawa


1 Yunose, Asahi town, Shimoniigawa couty, Toyama prefecture

Telephone number



○Hokuriku Expressway Asahi IC, 15 minutes via Route 8○30 minutes from Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station Tomari Station, 20 minutes from Tomari Station (Pick-up available)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Advance reservation required

Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station → Hotel Ogawa, 14: 00/15 : 00/16 : 00 (Scheduled service)
Hotel Ogawa → Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station, 9: 00/10: 30 (Scheduled service)
Tomari Station → Hotel Ogawa, 14: 00-16: 00 (At any time)
Hotel Ogawa → Tomari Station, 10:00 (Scheduled service)
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